How to Auto-Generate a List of Installed Programs (The Easy Way)
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Recently, we showed you how to quickly generate a list of all the software you have installed on Windows. This built-in method uses PowerShell, a much more powerful version of the Command Prompt. It’s not a difficult method, but some users might prefer to do this without using any typed commands.

For an even easier method of generating a list of the software you have installed (perfect for when you’re resetting your PC and don’t want to forget any software), you can use CCleaner. It’s already a great tool for keeping your system clean and offers a few extras as well, so you have plenty of reasons to keep it installed.

Open CCleaner and select the Tools tab on the left side. Make sure to choose Uninstall tab next to that, and you’ll see a list of all your installed software. In the bottom right of this window, there’s a button that saves Save to a text file. Click that, and CCleaner will prompt you to save a text document with the list of your installed software.

That’s all you have to do! Remember that if you’re resetting or formatting your computer, you’ll erase this new text file with it! Make sure you move this file to a flash drive or cloud storage so you can access it once you’ve reinstalled Windows. Reference it and you can quickly get all your software reinstalled!

Did you know CCleaner had this useful function? Let us know if you’ve used this tool to keep a list of your installed software backed up!

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  1. steveb
    January 26, 2017 at 3:00 pm

    Revo Uninstaller has similar functionality.