AudioPal: Record Audio Alerts for Your Website

Kaly (Arslan Esengulov) 19-08-2009

If you ever need an audio alert or a greeting message for your website head to straight to Using this online utility you can quickly record embeddable audios and add them to your website. The audios can be customized to auto-play on each page load or every new visitor. There are 4 ways to record audios:

      1. By phone – Call provided number and speak to record.


      2. Text-to-speech – Enter your text and let the app convert it to audio.


      3. via Mic – Use your computer microphone.


    4. upload file – Upload an existing audio file.

When the audio is ready, AudioPal will send the link to your email address. Just follow that link to get the embed code for your site.

audio alerts



  • Create embeddable audio greetings and alerts for your site or web profile.
  • Create as many audio alerts as you like.
  • Set your audio alert to auto-play on every page load or new visitor.
  • Free, no registration needed.
  • Similar tools: ProfileGreeting.

Check out AudioPal @

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