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AT&T Adding Free HBO Access to All Unlimited Plans

Gavin Phillips 12-09-2017

AT&T is adding free HBO to all customers on its unlimited wireless plans, including both Unlimited Plus and Unlimited Choice.


Unlimited HBO

Previous to today’s announcement, HBO was only available to Unlimited Plus subscribers — the premium tier service — but after today, Unlimited Choice users will gain access, too.

Most importantly, the prices of both packages will remain the same. Rather, HBO is being used as the bait to entice customers to switch networks as the final stages of the enormous AT&T-Time Warner merger come to the fore. (HBO is a Time Warner channel, just in case you didn’t know!)

AT&T Adding Free HBO Access to All Unlimited Plans hbo att side by side

There is another perk to come, actually. AT&T is also throwing in a $25 monthly video credit for the Unlimited Choice package. This can be used toward any applicable AT&T video service — including DirecTV Now, as well as regular DirecTV, and U-Verse TV.

AT&T Adding Free HBO Access to All Unlimited Plans direct tv now hbo deal


Unfortunately, there are some restrictions. For instance, the lower tier Unlimited Choice has a speed cap of 3Mbps and is limited to just 480p for video streaming — pitiful, really.

If you thought you were about to rewatch Game of Thrones from start to finish, you’re mistaken.

What About the Competition?

Shocked by AT&T and their sudden display of kindness to all people? Well, T-Mobile just granted free Netflix access to all Family Plan customers, ramping up the battle for new users. Furthermore, Verizon is using its go90 video service to entice customers. That said, we’re not sure how the latter is going to play out after Verizon confirmed they would be massively limiting their unlimited streaming rates, too.

On the surface, free HBO seems like an excellent proposition. But when you look at the minutiae of the offering, the speed and resolution restrictions, it loses some of its gloss.

Will this make you consider switching network provider to AT&T? Or are the streaming restrictions not worth the hassle of a provider switch? Let us know your thoughts below!

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