Atlassian Launches New Dedicated Trello Desktop App for Windows and Mac
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Trello is finally making its way to your desktop. The popular product management tool today launched a desktop app for macOS. A Windows app will launch tomorrow.

Desktop Trello

This is excellent news for anyone who regularly uses Trello online. Before now, Trello was browser only. And while Trello works extremely well in-browser, its separation from the operating system means some features are lacking.

For instance, now, Trello desktop users will be able to toggle native desktop notifications, as well as add cards from almost anywhere using a nifty list of new shortcuts.

The big question is why did it take one of the most popular team productivity tools so long to develop a desktop app? Trello co-founder and CEO told TechCrunch that “The desktop app has been on our roadmap and something we’ve wanted to do, but as a scrappy startup we couldn’t do everything at once so we decided to focus on making our mobile and web experiences great for our users. Now under Atlassian, we have the resources to bring things to market faster and can deliver some of our most exciting features yet, like the desktop app.”

The desktop app is actually part of a wider Trello update that includes easier embedding for services like Bitbucket, Dropbox Paper,, Confluence Cloud, and others. In addition, there will be some tweaks to the appearance of cards and boards, depending on their origin.

Atlassian On the Move

Atlassian purchased Trello for $425 million back in January, 2017. Today’s announcement follows the launch of Stride, the Atlassian-developed Slack-competitor, last week.

Atlassian Launches New Dedicated Trello Desktop App for Windows and Mac bitbucket trello desktop

The introduction of a Trello desktop app means there will be some interesting integrations there, too. For instance, you can now start Stride audio and video conferences from within Trello, with all Trello board members.

Trello for Mac is available here. I’ll update this post tomorrow with the direct link for the new Windows app.

Will you switch to the new Trello desktop app? Or is the browser version suitable for your needs? Will your productivity receive a boost by steering clear of the distractions on the internet? Let us know your thoughts below!

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  1. Bill G
    September 14, 2017 at 1:24 pm

    Where is the Linux version? Typical of Atlassian to ignore Linux developers; they STILL don't have SourceTree for Linux. Tens of thousands of customers have been clamoring for it and Atlassian won't do it.