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You Can Now Assign Google Assistant Reminders to People

Dave Parrack 17-08-2019

You can now set reminders for other people using Google Assistant. Assignable Reminders let you remind friends and family to perform certain tasks at certain times. Or even when they reach a certain location. Which could be both useful and annoying.


How to Assign Google Assistant Reminders

Google launched Assignable Reminders in a post on The Keyword. Glenn Wilson makes it clear that Google has launched this feature to coincide with the kids returning to school. Which is a busy and stressful time for parents and children alike around the world.

Google explains that you can now “create reminders for your partner or roommate to do things like pick up the groceries, pay a recurring bill, walk the dog—or send them a note of encouragement when they need it the most”.

To assign a reminder, ask Assistant, “Hey Google, remind [Name] to take out the trash at 7pm”, “Hey Google, remind [Name] to pick up flowers when she gets to New York”, or “Hey Google, remind [Name] that she will do great on tomorrow’s exam”.

Assignable Reminders are rolling out on phones, speakers, and smart displays in the US, UK, and Australia. You can assign reminders to people in your Google family group or those with their accounts linked to the same speaker or smart display.


How to Get More Out of Google Assistant

Assignable Reminders are clearly a potentially useful feature. Particularly for busy families who have far too much going on in their lives. However, Assignable Reminders could also be misused for nagging people to do stuff they don’t want to do.

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  1. Juanito
    August 21, 2019 at 6:22 pm

    Miss the basic of the article: what is a Assignable Reminders and to do it


  2. Asif Shadab
    August 18, 2019 at 1:24 pm

    I am looking for people based reminders which were a very cool feature in cortana but is no longer available. I really miss that feature add it was very useful. Fort example, I could say "Hey cortana next time I talk to my mum remind me to ask about her medicines" . and the next time my mum would call me or I would send her an SMS or email or I would call my mum or she would send me an sms, either way a reminder would pop up on the screen saying "Ask about her medicines"