ASCII Art: Image & Text To ASCII Converter
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Here is a neat image and text to ASCII converter for turning pics and text into ASCII without any hassle. ASCII Art is a popular and fancy way of writing on the web using symbols and special characters. People use it in their signatures, greetings and for various other purposes. Here is a little example of Google written in ASCII:

text to ascii converter

To convert an image, just provide the URL and select the desired quality and size. You can also choose to show ASCII in HTML and in color. Once you click on ‘Create ASCII Art‘, the image would be converted.

ASCII Art: Image & Text To ASCII Converter image123

Similarly, you can also enter any text to convert it to ASCII. You can choose from over 30 different fonts and also opt for the ‘right to left‘ direction.

ASCII Art: Image & Text To ASCII Converter text


  • Convert images and text into ASCII.
  • Choose from over 30 fonts.
  • Option to display HTML and colors.
  • Preview the fonts before selecting one.
  • Adjust the quality and size of the ASCII converted from image.
  • No registration or installation required.
  • Similar tools: ASCII-O-Matic, Text-Image, ASCIIPoster and PicASCII.

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