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MOin 12-05-2011

If you are an art fan, you already know that while getting images for popular paintings is easy, it is not the same for lesser known paintings. To discover those lesser known pieces of art you need a community where art lovers share pictures of amazing paintings. Art Finder is precisely that community.


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Art Finder is a free and simple to use website that lets you share art and discover new art. After creating an account on the website you gain access to images of countless paintings from artists, galleries, museums and collections from around the world. The site features images, articles, and artist biographies, all of which will greatly interest all art fans.

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Additionally you can form your own art profile by marking the paintings you like; based on your selections you will be recommended paintings you might not have earlier seen. You can also share art on Facebook and Twitter to discuss it with your friends who are art enthusiasts.



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  1. Thrall
    June 20, 2011 at 3:36 pm

    Can you add art to this website to generate other art you like?  For instance, if I saw a painting in on I liked could they generate art from that or only from content that they have?