Are You a Workaholic? Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance

ROFL 06-04-2016

How many hours a week do you work Discover Your Most Productive Hours with This Simple Method Build your perfect workday around your energy levels. This simple Excel spreadsheet and a few seconds of work each day could help you change your habits and get more done. Read More ? How many hours a week do you spend doing enjoyable things Learn a New Hobby Today with 10 Popular Udemy Courses Our hobbies are taking a back seat. Thanks to online classes, you can do something about it. Here are 10 popular Udemy courses to get you off the couch, and into a new hobby. Read More ? Basically, what I’m asking is: what is your work-life balance 6 of the Best Tech Jobs to Have a Work-Life Balance You want to have a career that allows you to spend quality time with family. GlassDoor researched the 25 best jobs for work-life balance, and we look at the top tech jobs from that research. Read More ?

It can be difficult to stop skipping lunch breaks to get more work done. It’s easy to check just one more email 7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Professional Email Signature We've written a lot about how to email like a pro, but one aspect that's regularly overlooked is the email signature. Here's how to set up the perfect professional email signature. Read More , but is it healthy? Follow the tips on the infographic below and reclaim that work life-balance!

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