Are You A Mac Or PC Person? Find Out Now!
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The advertisements Apple used to air – dissing the PC – have some truth to them. According to an unscientific analysis performed by, there are some key differences in how Mac and PC people described themselves. So if you were wondering if you should buy a new Mac or a another PC, have a look at this inforgraph and answer the questions.

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Are You A Mac Or PC Person? Find Out Now! mac v pc

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  1. magicben
    October 2, 2013 at 6:14 am

    My Commodore 64 is 30 year old and i still use it everyday... take that MAC & PC!

  2. faisal khan
    September 17, 2013 at 9:19 am

    well you don't need a survey to show difference between PC vs MAC people i can tell that easily. 100% PC are the average guys with average jobs and earn average money so they CAN'T throw parties frequently while MAC are expensive as hell and only like 1 in a 100 buys a MAC. So if Apple could decrease the price perhaps... Then maybe i'll call myself computer-savvy.

  3. dragonmouth
    September 16, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    I use several PCs but they all run various flavors of Linux.

    Linux people do not give a tinker's damn for silly PC vs. Mac polls.

  4. Adriel
    September 15, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    I get WAY less glitches and crashes from Mac then PC/Windows... Mac OS has always run smoother for me... Mac user 5 years, PC user for 15 years

    • TechnoAngina
      September 16, 2013 at 1:55 pm

      I'm a Linux/Windows user. I try to run Linux whenever I can because, plainly, I just tend to enjoy it more. I use my Windows box, primarily for media consumption and work. I don't harbor any ill thoughts towards Mac users, some people just don't like actually knowing how their computers work. I think it's ironic that people who use the most closed down ecosystem think of themselves as techie. That's kind of like saying if you own a bunch of cars you're a mechanic. Interestingly I tend to fall more on my side, though I am a vegetarian, so I guess I'm in that obscure 20%. Go me.

  5. Saumyakanta S
    September 15, 2013 at 2:28 pm

    Mac is nothing , but waste of money . Windows provide a wide range of applications and softwares , but is a like a closed system that feels like a jail. Not even many hardware are supported .

  6. loren
    September 14, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    why buy an OS ?
    while there are Linux that works very well ...

    • A. Nonyme
      September 26, 2013 at 12:54 pm


  7. Andy L
    September 14, 2013 at 7:15 am

    I'm sooooo PC. So? MAC people are more likely to spend on luxury because they can afford MAC. I enjoy my PC lifestyle, but I will also enjoy the MAC lifestyle if I have the money.

  8. Shawn
    September 14, 2013 at 5:16 am

    I'm Linux/Windows; When a friend or customer asks me if they should get a MAC, I tell them to buy a great PC and Better Security.
    They'll save $500 for something else!

  9. Kevin H
    September 14, 2013 at 2:18 am

    This isn't really a far comparison.

    Mac's products are priced at a certain range so they specifically target only a certain group of people. Whereas for Windows, you can choose from some really dirt cheap computers all the way to high-end, high performance computers that may cost even more than a Mac, i.e. larger demographic being targeted than Mac's.

    Just purely from a statistical point of view and you can already see how skewed the data is since there's a way larger deviation for the windows users.

  10. LinuxMage
    September 13, 2013 at 11:02 pm

    I am Linux Person so Booooo. :P That said based on the charateristics; I am more Mac-centric than PC-oriented.

  11. Rob C
    September 13, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    Please call PC user what they are.....Windoz user. Those of use who use Linux use PC's but not Windoz. We prefer a stable system with out style getting in the way of function.

    • Charles D
      September 14, 2013 at 3:37 am

      Exactly, a Mac is also a PC, but for most people, a PC means a Personal computer running some version of a Microsoft operating system. The term has been around so long that it's become synonymous with PC. Same as kleenex is synonymous with facial tissue.

  12. Alex D
    September 13, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    Mac users are more conscious of their urban, metro fashion style. I am Jack's complete lack of surprise. Makes sense though, they're willing drop hundreds of dollars for clothing, why not thousands for computers? Definitely speaks to the psychology of the user. PCs are so accessible that it's easy for it to penetrate any market. Personally, I'm a PC user, but my major has me working on mostly Macs this semester, so i can see the appeal of the OS itself and the power behind the machines. I just can't justify the price. Maybe if I built my own (cheaper) high end machine I'd consider dual booting it with Mac and PC.

  13. Scott M
    September 13, 2013 at 8:33 pm