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Israel Nicolas 12-09-2011

The online marvels that are Facebook and Twitter have brought two revolutionary ideas into our 21st century. First, they allowed us to communicate and share sutff like never before; and secondly, they help curate our life histories online. ArchivedBook is a cool app that scans your Facebook’s profile history and presents all of them on one single page.



ArchivedBook works through the Facebook API to display your wall messages, status updates, media you may have been included in, links you posted, your comments, and more. It does so in a somewhat cheesy, yet nostalgic design akin to an old book. ArchivedBook strips out the unnecessary elements in your profile and presents only a clean version, allowing you to breeze through your history.

Using the service I was able to pick up photos and messages from three years ago that I had already forgotten. You can also view the history of your friends without them having to sign up to the service.

ArchivedBook will be become even more useful as the years go by. If you want the feeling of social network nostalgia, this app will do its part.


  • View all your recorded posts, statuses, and media in Facebook.
  • View your friends’ histories.
  • Clean, minimal interface lets your zoom through the past.
  • Sort updates and posts by date.

Check out ArchivedBook @ [No Longer Available]

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  1. Debe Deitz-Marshall
    September 13, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    what a wonderful trip down memory lane!