Apps Uninstall: Easily Batch Uninstall Apps On Android Phone

MOin 30-09-2010

All smartphone owners know that finding a great app is a matter of trial and error; you need to try an app to see if it is any good. When you discover that an installed app is not serving you well, you need to access your phone’s settings to uninstall it. For Android phones, a convenient dashboard for this app uninstalling procedure is provided by Apps Uninstall.


uninstall apps on android

Apps Uninstall is a free application for Android. The app aims to make uninstalling applications on Android phones easier. Normally you have to individually uninstall each application you want to remove. But Apps Uninstall let you batch uninstall applications.

All you have to do is open Apps Uninstall, mark the applications from the list of detected apps, and then proceed to batch uninstall them. To avoid accidentally deleting an app you can hold down on it and it will be added to an “excluded” category that will keep it safe from removal.

uninstall apps on android


  • A user friendly Android application.
  • Lets you uninstall applications easily.
  • Allows batch uninstallation of installed apps.
  • Lets you exclude certain apps, avoiding accidentally uninstalling them.

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