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5 Web Apps to Fix Common Email Annoyances

Mihir Patkar 06-02-2018

Email is almost as old as the internet itself. In fact, there’s an odd history of how email became popular The Odd Story of How Email Became So Damn Popular Email seems like such a primitive bit of technology. How did it ever become so popular? And how come we still use it to this day? Here's the story of how it all happened. Read More . But even after so many years, there is still room for improvement. And such changes come from small web apps you haven’t heard about.


Some of these issues have been around for ages, while others are new. Spam, for instance, is now not as much of a problem as unsubscribing from newsletters. And as email has grown into a workplace necessity, its social protocol is just as important. You need to know how to write emails, as much as you need to know how to use email.

So here are a few websites to solve common email annoyances. There are more, of course, but you probably haven’t heard of these before.

1. Unsubscribe Robot: Forward Any Email to Unsubscribe Automatically

Spam filters are usually good enough today to protect you, but the bigger scourge is newsletters. Whenever you sign up for anything on the internet, that site will start sending you newsletters. Unsubscribe Robot is the simple way to deal with them.

web apps fix common email annoyances

No more trying to find the one-click unsubscribe button Keep A Cleaner Inbox As Gmail Gets One-Click Unsubscribe Button A prominent "unsubscribe" link at the top of an email is the small but user-friendly change that should be coming to all Gmail accounts soon. Read More , which only works on select newsletters. No more using mass unsubscribing apps Clear Out Your Inbox: Quickly Unsubscribe From Multiple Newsletters With These Tools Unsubscribing from newsletters is about more than just spam. Most of the newsletters that fill our inbox are not selling medicine or offering prize money – they’re genuine newsletters from trusted companies we ourselves subscribed... Read More to clean out your inbox. If you don’t want more emails, just forward that email to Unsubscribe Robot, which will automatically handle the unsubscription steps for you.


A former Google engineer developed this app as his contribution to the quest for Inbox Zero Get to Inbox Zero in Gmail With These Strategies Staying on top of email is tough! The key to inbox zero is automating as much of the process as you can. We'll show you how to approach inbox zero in Gmail. Read More . And unlike most other apps, this one protects your privacy by never asking for access to your inbox.

2. Pro Email Writer: Templates to Write Professional Emails

Using email for work means you need to write professional messages. No spelling mistakes, no bad grammar, and especially no harsh language. How you construct your email says a lot about you. And if you struggle with that, then let Pro Email Writer do the heavy lifting.

web apps fix common email annoyances

This site is a collection of templates for common workplace occurrences. Even something as volatile as confronting someone about an issue needs an email that is professional, above all else. Using Pro Email Writer’s templates, you can customize the message to say exactly what you want to.

PEW offers templates for job hunting, delivering bad news, requesting something, confronting someone, apology, farewell or resignation, and congratulations. You can switch between casual and formal tones for each too.

Just copy-paste the text and fill in the blanks, and you’re ready. This is how you can ensure you send a professional email How to Write the Perfect Professional Email (Backed by Data) Email remains the main form of communication in business. To succeed in that environment, you should learn how to compose effective professional emails. We show you 9 simple tricks that have been proven to work. Read More every time.

3. HTML Mail: Create and Send Beautiful HTML Emails

When an email really matters, you should take the time to craft it right. It’s like your resume: paying attention to formatting, fonts, and other styles will create an impression on the reader. With HTML Mail, you can craft beautiful messages as easily as in Word.

web apps fix common email annoyances

The app supports tables, special characters, images, hyperlinks and other formatting styles. Plus, you get to see the HTML code as well, so if you know HTML or CSS Learn HTML and CSS with These Step by Step Tutorials Curious about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? If you think that you have a knack for learning how to create websites from scratch -- here are a few great step-by-step tutorials worth trying. Read More , you can level up your email game with some great-looking compositions.

HTML Mail app mainly works for Gmail, letting you send emails directly once you grant it access to your inbox. But you can still use it for non-Gmail services. Just compose your message, and then copy-paste the HTML code into your service’s HTML view.

4. Quick and Easy Tool to Create Gorgeous Signatures

An email signature adds a touch of professionalism like none other. But if you dive into Gmail, Outlook, or Apple Mail to create your own beautiful signature, you’ll be shocked by how difficult and cumbersome the process is. Let MySignature make it easy for you.

web apps fix common email annoyances

Go to the app and fill out the personal and professional details you want to include in your signature. You can also add links to social profiles, which will be displayed as clickable icons. There are plenty of styles to choose from, and you can customize colors, fonts, and other small details.

The best part is that MySignature works with any email service provider, not just Gmail. Once you’ve finished, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to copy-paste the signature into your favorite email app. Now, this is how you create the perfect email signature 7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Professional Email Signature We've written a lot about how to email like a pro, but one aspect that's regularly overlooked is the email signature. Here's how to set up the perfect professional email signature. Read More without breaking a sweat!

5. Publish This Email: Share Any Email as a Web Page

Want to share an email with multiple people without forwarding it to them? Publish This Email is the simple way to do that. Plus, you can use it to create a new web page with any text or images from an email you compose.

web apps fix common email annoyances

It’s as simple as it gets. Forward an existing message or create a new one, and send it to In a few seconds, the contents of the email will be turned into a new web page on the internet, and the link will be sent to you. Feel free to share this link with anyone you want. And you also get an option to delete this web page whenever you want. No signup or account needed 15 Excellent No-Sign Up Websites for Everyday Use Do you like websites which have no sign-ups, no registerations, and no downloads? Then, you will like these hassle free web apps and sites which make daily productivity a lot easier. Read More !

Publish This Email is perhaps the easiest way to create a new web page with any content you want in it. Sure, it’s great for showing off a mail you received, but it’s even better to create a new blog post for quick sharing.

What Annoys You About Emails?

These tools are all about making the email and inbox experience better for you. But that’s not the only thing that’s annoying in emails, is it? More often than not, email’s biggest annoyance comes from the people who use it. It takes a lot to write emails that people will read and reply to 5 Tools to Write Better Emails That People Will Read and Reply To Writing isn't everyone's cup of tea. But you don't need to be a great writer to send a great email. All you need are a few tools to ensure quality messages. Read More .

What are the most annoying habits people have in emails you get?

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