Appointlet: Easy Appointment Booking for Your Business

Dave LeClair 24-04-2012

If you run a business, you can waste a tremendous amount of time getting your schedule organised. You have to deal with making the appointments and then logging them into your calendar so you can actually remember to keep them. Well there is an easier way. You can use Appointlet to do all the work for you. It saves time, which in turn saves money.


appointment booking business

Basically, Appointlet lets your clients use the applet to see your calendar and schedule an appointment with you. They can look at the times you are available, and with a couple of clicks add their name to your schedule.


Best of all, it integrates with Google Calendar. When a client schedules an appointment with you, it will automatically show up in your calendar, making it impossible for you to forget. It even has a built-in reminder system, so if having it in your calendar is not enough, you will be alerted.



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