AppMakr: Create iPhone Apps Without Any Coding
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iPhone apps have changed the whole mobile phone market. There is an iPhone app for almost anything you can think of and some people have made millions on great iPhone app ideas. If you have been wanting to create an iPhone app but lack of coding skills kept you away, AppMakr can change this.

The tool allows you to create iPhone apps for free without doing any actual coding. You can add RSS feeds to your app, Flickr photos and even your social network activity. You can completely customize the look of your app by creating your own icons, headers and other graphics.

You also have the option of publishing your app for free, or charge a small price for it. However, in order to test your app you do need to have an iOS developer account.

create iphone apps without coding


  • Create iphone apps without programming.
  • A WYSIWYG editor, no coding required.
  • Customize with your own icons, headers, etc.
  • Add feeds, images and even social network activity.
  • Similar websites: Mobify, Ubik, Mofuse and Movylo.

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