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Apple Support Now Offers Tutorials on YouTube

Dave Parrack 01-12-2017

Apple Support now has its own YouTube channel, and while pickings are slim at the moment, it looks like it will soon be filled with tutorials. The first videos Apple Support has posted on YouTube tackle the really basic stuff, but then that is surely the most logical starting point.

It’s easy to assume everyone instinctively knows how to do the most basic things on an iPhone or Mac. But there are always new people to educate, from kids getting their first iDevice, to adults who have ditched Windows for macOS Switching from Windows? Essential Keyboard Tips for Mac Newbies Moving from a Windows PC to a Mac can be a shock in many ways for new users, so here's a quick start guide to adjusting to a Mac keyboard layout. Read More . Which is why Apple Support now has a YouTube channel.

Apple Offers Support Via YouTube

Apple has maintained a YouTube channel for years, and occasionally even posted tutorials on there. However, Apple Support now has its own dedicated channel, and it looks like it will be filled with tutorials and how-to’s for Apple’s most popular products, starting with iDevices.

The Apple Support channel launched with just 10 videos. And these cover the basics such as “How to take a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad,” “How to delete call history on your iPhone,” “How to send and save GIFs on your iPhone,” and “How to update iOS on your iPhone or iPad”.

The videos posted so far are all short (no longer than two minutes) and formatted in the same way, with instructions on the left and a demonstration on the right. These clearly aren’t aimed at power users, and are instead designed for people who are new to the world of Apple.

When Will @Apple Start Tweeting?

This is a good idea, and something Apple should have instituted sooner. Because as much as the company might think its products are intuitive to use, the iPhone X The Complete Guide to Using Your iPhone X The iPhone X rewrites 10 years of iPhone history, and with it 10 years of muscle memory. Here's how to adapt to Apple's new way of doing things. Read More is a lot more complex than the original iPhone (to cite just one example). Now @apple just needs to start tweeting…

Do you welcome the Apple Support YouTube channel? Have the videos posted so far taught you anything new? Or did you already know it all? Do you think Apple should be more proactive about teaching people how to use its products? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Dominick Guzzo via Flickr

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  1. Heimen Stoffels
    December 3, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Shouldn't they launch their own video site? I mean: they have alternatives for almost every other app or service, shouldn't they launch a YouTube concurrent?