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Apple Is Selling a Refurbished iPhone X for $769

Dave LeClair 05-02-2019

Anyone looking to pick up an iPhone without spending over $1000 has a new option, as Apple has started carrying a refurbished iPhone X starting at $769, which isn’t a bad price for a device that starts at $899 for a new one. That’s actually a $130 discount off the full price, which is a decent trade-off for a phone that isn’t technically new.


This is actually the first time Apple has carried a refurbished version of the iPhone X since the device first hit the market in November 2017. We’d expect Apple to sell out of refurbished iPhone X devices rather quickly, so if this is something that interests you, you’re going to want to jump on it soon.

Refurbished iPhone X

Apple is actually offering four different models of the iPhone X refurbished. First, there’s a silver and space gray version of the phone in 64GB. This is the model that is available at the aforementioned $769 price point.

If 64GB of space isn’t enough for you, the company is offering the X in silver and space gray with 256GB of storage, too. This model is available for $899, which is $150 cheaper than the retail price of a new one.

All four models of the refurbished iPhone X come unlocked, so they’ll work with your carrier without any issue.

Apple Is Selling a Refurbished iPhone X for $769 iPhoneXRefurbished


If you shop around, you can almost certainly find a used iPhone X for a lower price than these refurbished models, but they wouldn’t come with the rigorous repairs Apple performs on its refurbished devices.

Apple says all refurbished phones feature the same one-year warranty as a new iPhone. The devices all receive a brand new battery and a new outer shell, so the phone will look and feel new. It’s also tested, inspected, and cleaned.

For anyone who’s used to purchasing AppleCare with their phones for the extra protection, Apple does offer the extended warranty on its refurbished devices, so you can get that protection as well.

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  1. Pat
    February 6, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    A new iPhone X isn't even worth that. The cost of cell phones are WAY overpriced. But, when you have idjits that will blindly hand over their money for something shiny, Apple will happily take it. As very accurately stated many times, "A fool and their money are soon parted."