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The Apple ID FAQ: 10 Most Common Issues and Questions Answered

Akshata Shanbhag 16-07-2018

Your Apple ID is the key to your Apple account, Apple services, and your data stored with Apple. If you want to know how to access this ID, change it, reset its password, and more, we’ll show you how to go about it in the FAQ below.


Let’s focus on 10 basic questions Mac and iPhone users often have about their Apple ID.

Note: You can tweak various Apple ID settings from multiple locations across macOS, iOS, and the web. But we’ll cover only a few main ones here.

1. What Is Apple ID and Why Do I Need One?

Your Apple ID is an account that gives you access to Apple services like the App Store, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and Apple Music. The email address you associate with this account is also called your Apple ID.

You need an Apple ID to download apps, ebooks, movies, music, and other digital content onto your Mac and iPhone. That’s not all. You also need it for tasks like:

2. Where Is My Apple ID Page?

Your Apple ID page lives at appleid.apple.com. Of course, you’ll need to log in at that address to access it. Also, you might want to memorize or bookmark the address, because we’ll refer to it often below.


3. How Do I Find My Apple ID?

If you’re already logged into your Apple account on your Mac or iPhone, you can find your Apple ID from the device’s settings.

On macOS: Visit System Preferences > iCloud to see your Apple ID listed below your profile picture and name on the left.

On iOS: Tap your name at the top in the Settings app. You should see your Apple ID right below your name on the next screen—the Apple ID screen. Tap on iTunes & App Store on this screen and you’ll see your Apple ID displayed at the top on the next screen as well.



Not logged into your Apple account on any device? Don’t worry. You can still retrieve your Apple ID from your Apple ID account page when you’re logged out.

To get started, visit the account page and click on Forgot Apple ID or password at the bottom of the page. Next, click on If you forgot your Apple ID, you can look it up.


Once you enter your name and email address, you’ll see a success message if the email address you entered matches with your Apple ID. Hit the Try Again button if you run into an error message and would like to try with a different email address.


Your Apple ID is also retrievable from a few other locations. This Apple support page reveals them all.

4. How Do I Reset My Apple ID Password?


To reset your Apple ID password Forgot Your Apple ID or iCloud Password? 6 Ways to Reset It Forgot your iCloud password? Here's how to recover your account if you've forgotten your Apple ID password and can't log in. Read More , start by clicking on the Forgot Apple ID or password link at the bottom of your Apple ID account page when you’re logged out. On the next page, type in your Apple ID and hit the Continue button.

Next, you’ll have to enter the phone number associated with your Apple ID. Once you do, Apple will allow you to use one of your approved Apple devices to finish the password reset process. It will also give you clear onscreen instructions to do the same.


Click on the Don’t have access to any of your devices link if you would like to try an alternative method to reset your password.

5. How Do I Create a New Apple ID?


Visit appleid.apple.com and click on the Create Your Apple ID option in the top navigation bar to set up a new Apple ID. Skip this method if you don’t want to add a payment method to your new account.

You can also set up a new Apple ID from your Mac or iPhone. Of course, if you’re already logged into another Apple account, you’ll need to log out from it first to access the create option.

On macOS: You’ll find the Create Apple ID option under System Preferences > iCloud.

On iOS: Open Settings and tap Sign in to your iPhone at the top of the screen. You’ll then see a login prompt, below which you’ll find the Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it link. Tap on this link to reveal the Create Apple ID option.

6. How Do I Remove My Credit Card From Apple ID?

You can use either your Mac or your iPhone to remove your credit card as a payment option.

On macOS: In the App Store, click on Store > View My Account. This brings up the Account Information Page, where should click on the Edit button under Apple ID Summary > Payment Information.

On the Edit Payment Information page that shows up next, switch to any of the other payment methods available or click on None. Don’t forget to hit the Done button to activate the new payment method and remove your credit card for good.

On iOS: From the Settings app, visit Apple ID > Payment & Shipping. Select your credit card from the Payment Method section to access its Payment Details screen.

At the bottom of this screen, you’ll find a Change Payment Method option. Tap it to switch to a different payment option; select None if you would like to skip adding a payment method. In some cases, you might not see the None option. Check Apple’s Support page on this for more information.

Depending on the payment options available for your country/region, Change Payment Method might also be missing. For example, logging in from India, I directly get a Switch to None option instead of Change Payment Method.

7. How to Add Two-Factor Authentication to Apple ID?


On macOS: Visit System Preferences > iCloud and click on the Account Details button below your Apple ID on the left. Next, switch to the Security tab of the dialog that appears. Click on the Turn On Two-Factor Authentication button at the bottom of this tab to start setting up 2FA.

On iOS: In the Settings app, tap on your name/Apple ID at the top and then on Password & Security. In the next section, you’ll find the Turn On Two-Factor Authentication option to proceed with the 2FA process How to Protect Your Apple Account With Two-Factor Authentication Apple's two-factor authentication lets you protect your Apple ID using your iOS device or Mac. Here's how to set it up and ensure you don't get locked out. Read More .

8. How Do I Change My Apple ID?


You can change your Apple ID from your Apple account page. Log in and click the Edit button in the account section. You’ll then find a Change Apple ID option. With this option you can update the email address associated with your Apple ID to a current one.

9. How Do I Change My Apple ID Password?


Click on the Change Password link under the Security section of your Apple account. You’ll need to know your current password to make this tweak.

If you can’t remember your password How to Create a Strong Password That You Will Not Forget Do you know how to create and remember a good password? Here are some tips and tricks to maintain strong, separate passwords for all of your online accounts. Read More and can’t log into the account in the first place, try resetting the password to a new one as we discussed in section 4 above.

You can also change your password from a macOS or iOS device that’s logged into your Apple account. You’ll find the Change Password option:

  • On macOS: Under System Preferences > iCloud > Account Details > Security
  • On iOS: Under Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security

10. Why Is Apple ID Disabled and How to Unlock It?


Your Apple ID can sometimes get disabled for security reasons. This usually happens if there have been one too many failed login attempts. Password mismatches, incorrect answers to security questions, mistyped account details, and similar can all trigger this protection measure from Apple.

The security feature is in place to protect your Apple ID and its data from anyone who’s not you. If you lock yourself out accidentally, log in with your password at iforgot.apple.com to regain access to your Apple account.

You might have to enter the phone number linked to your Apple ID to confirm your identity.

If you have enabled two-factor authentication for your account, you’ll also need a verification code from one of your trusted Apple devices.

Still Having Issues With Apple ID?

If there’s anything wrong with your Apple ID, you’re sure to find a fix for it online quite easily. Apple tech sites, Apple’s own support pages, online forums—quite a few avenues can provide you with solutions.

And if all else fails, Apple’s reliable tech support sources Need Mac Tech Support? Here Are Your Options "Tech support" — two words that strike fear into the hearts of all but the most competent computer users out there. Where do you begin to look when things start to go wrong? Read More are here to troubleshoot for you.

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    I don’t want an Apple ID Ii don’t use Apple products I only have this because work gave it to me

    I tried doing what I alway do when forced to make an account

    Fake name fake email etc but it wants a credit car (hell no)

  2. Ann onimous
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    I’m only using this thing for work

    I do not want an Apple ID

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    It keeps asking me for my personal info

    I tried using a fake email name etc but now it wants credit card information etc I’ve tried choosing none under payment options but that does nothing