Apple Explains How to Use Your New HomePod
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Apple has finally released its long-awaited smart speaker, with the HomePod landing in stores on February 9. However, with the HomePod being a brand new product from Apple, the company thinks its customers may need a little help figuring out how to use it.

In order to help new HomePod users get to grips with their new smart speakers, Apple has published a HomePod User Guide AND a trio of videos on the Apple Support YouTube channel. All of which suggests Apple realizes the new HomePod isn’t as simple to use as the notoriously user-friendly iPhone and iPad.

Help Using Your Apple HomePod

The first video explains how to use Siri to listen to music on your HomePod. You can ask Siri to play songs from specific genres, or from your own carefully curated playlists. Plus you can ask Siri to skip tracks and turn the volume up or down.

The next video explains how to use the limited touch controls on your HomePod. Beyond the volume up and down buttons you can tap to pause a track, tap twice to skip, tap three times to return to the previous track, and touch and hold to activate Siri.

The final video, and potentially the most important one, deals with changing the settings on your HomePod using the app. You can change the room assignment, which Apple Music account you’re linked to, and Siri’s voice. You can also reset your HomePod to sell it on.

Finally, there’s the HomePod User Guide, which, according to Apple, includes “everything you need to know”. Everything is broken down into various sections, with details on how to get started, how to listen to Apple Music, and how to hear news briefings from various sources.

Apple Has a Need to Succeed

With the HomePod, Apple is venturing into a new field packed with competition. And the company clearly doesn’t want anything to prevent the HomePod from succeeding. Hence the desire to help users get the most out of their new HomePod from Day One.

Have you bought a HomePod yet? If so, what prompted you to spend your hard-earned cash on one? Have you found the HomePod easy to use? Or will you be making use of Apple’s user guide and tutorial videos? Please let us know in the comments below!

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