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Apple’s First Holiday Ad Gives Thanks for AirPods

Dave Parrack 23-11-2017

It’s Thanksgiving. Which means a) you’re probably reading this in between mouthfuls of turkey and/pumpkin pie, b) as a Brit I’m jealous of Americans for getting an extra day off, and c) Apple has released its first TV commercial of the holiday season. The first of many, it has to be said.


Apple has a reputation for producing great commercials An Apple (Ad) A Day: Top Ten Commercials You’re Likely To Remember Apple is a company that you either love or hate; there's very little middle ground. This is because you either buy into the company and its culture or reject it outright. Seeing as I don't... Read More . And deservedly so, for the most part. Who can forget the 1984-inspired ad for the Apple Macintosh? Or the long-running “Get a Mac” ads which declared PCs as old, uncool, and incapable. But Apple has changed tact in recent years.

Apple AirPods Are Magical, Apparently

This is Apple’s first commercial for the 2017 holidays, and it’s likely to be shown on TV countless times between now and Christmas. So what products has Apple focused on selling to the masses first? And what’s the message Apple is trying to impart on its legion of loyal followers?

The ad begins with a woman unlocking her iPhone X, opening Apple Music, and playing “Palace” by Sam Smith. Thanks to her AirPods she gets lost in the music, entering a fantasy world where she can dance in the street without anyone noticing her, let alone giving her funny looks.

She bumps into a man, and proceeds to stick one of her AirPods in his ear. The two then spend the rest of the song dancing in the snow. Until the song ends, and she realizes it was just a fantasy in her head. They then go their separate ways, presumably never crossing paths again.

First and foremost, Apple is trying to sell you on the iPhone and AirPods. And the “Move someone this holiday” closing line is a subtle suggestion to gift someone an Apple product this Christmas. Less obvious is the reminder that two people can share one pair of AirPods. And the idea that AirPods make it easier to get lost in the music even if you’re walking through a crowded city.


Giving Thanks for Generous Relatives

Apple has chosen a nice, gentle ad to start the holidays. And it should leave you with a warm, cosy feeling. Partly thanks to the cold, snowy setting, and partly thanks to the sense of longing it imparts. And if someone does buy you an iPhone X The Complete Guide to Using Your iPhone X The iPhone X rewrites 10 years of iPhone history, and with it 10 years of muscle memory. Here's how to adapt to Apple's new way of doing things. Read More this Christmas you owe them bigtime.

What do you think of Apple’s first ad for the 2017 holidays? Does it move you to consider buying an Apple product? If so, which one? Do you like the new style of Apple ads? Or do you prefer the older, more literal ones? Please let us know in the comments below!

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    November 24, 2017 at 7:20 am

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