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Apple Suffers Hardware Failure, The Latest Nintendo NX Rumors… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 27-07-2016

Apple is selling less hardware, the Nintendo NX is probably a home/portable hybrid, Pokemon Go Plus gets delayed, Twitter for Android gets a Night Mode, and possibly the happiest gamer in the world.


Apple Hardware Sales Are In Decline

Apple has reported its earnings for Q3 2016, and while things are still ticking along nicely, the company’s hardware has taken a major hit. Thankfully apps and services are filling the void, allowing Apple to keep making billions of dollars.

Quarterly revenue was down, from $49.61 billion last year to $42.4 billion this year. Quarterly net income was also down, from $10.7 billion last year to $7.8 billion this year. Falling hardware sales can be blamed for this, with the iPhone, iPad, and Mac all taking a hit.

Apple sold 40.4 million iPhones during the last quarter, down 15% from the 47.5 million iPhones sold during the same quarter last year. Sales of iPads dropped 10.5% from 10.9 million last year to 10 million this year, and sales of Mac dropped 8.3% from 4.8 million last year to 4.3 million this year. So, Apple is failing Apple Admits Failure, Android TV, Windows In The Car, Amazon Dash [Tech News Digest] Apple admits failure, Google works on Android TV, Microsoft wants Windows in your car, Amazon unveils Dash, Microsoft fixes Xbox One flaw, IFTTT for iPad, and every SNES start screen compiled into one epic video. Read More (relatively speaking) when it comes to products.

However, on the flip side, Apple is succeeding when it comes to services, bringing in $6 billion during the last quarter, a rise of 19% year-on-year. The App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, and iCloud are all generating serious amounts of money, and Tim Cook stated that the company expects services alone to be “the size of a Fortune 100 company next year”.

So, what does this all mean? 1. That Apple needs to deliver exciting upgrades of all three of its major product lines in the near future, which it failed to do in 2015 A Hype-Free Guide to the Latest Apple Event... [Tech News Digest] It's an all-Apple edition of Tech News Digest, with a look at everything Apple revealed at its latest event. Albeit minus the hype lumped in by other publications. Read More . 2. That services are an increasingly important revenue stream for the company, so expect to invest more heavily in that side of the business going forward.


The Nintendo NX Is Probably a Tablet

Nintendo has been working on its next major games console ever since it became clear the Wii U wasn’t a hit with consumers Wii U Fails, Google Chrome Fails, COS Fails, Windows 8 Fails [Tech News Digest] Nintendo admits Wii U failed, Chrome extensions loaded with adware, China Operating System is revealed, Paramount dumps 35mm film, Windows 8 condemned as the new Vista, and Amazon wants to become the Nostradamus of online... Read More . Codenamed the Nintendo NX, we’re expecting the Japanese company to unveil the new hardware later this year for release next year. In the meantime, the rumors are starting to coalesce.

A new report from Eurogamer seems to support earlier rumors that the NX will be a hybrid home and portable gaming system. According to its sources, the NX will be a handheld, tablet-like device with detachable controllers and a docking station allowing for gaming on a TV.

If true, the NX would be an extremely versatile gaming platform, allowing for single-player gaming on the go, using either a touchscreen or a controller, multiplayer gaming on the go, using controllers, and all of the above (and maybe more) at home. And all of this using small DS-like cartridges.


Nintendo needs the NX to succeed How the Wii U's Failures Can Make Nintendo's NX a Success Nintendo's next console, codenamed the NX, is going to be huge. Potentially. But every company has stumbles. If Nintendo has another one, could it be The End? Read More . The original Wii was a huge success against the odds, but the Wii U Nintendo Wii U Review and Giveaway Despite the increasing shift to mobile gaming, consoles are still very popular devices for playing immersive, graphics-intensive games; and that won’t change anytime soon as long as the major console makers continue to improve with... Read More spectacularly failed to set the world alight. If Nintendo gets this right then it could finally bring its unrivaled portable prowess into the home. Unfortunately, we’re unlikely to know the truth for at least another few months.

Pokemon Go Plus Gets Delayed

Nintendo has delayed the release of Pokemon Go Plus to September. The Nintendo-made peripheral was originally meant to be released in late July, but Nintendo has now pushed that back by at least one month. The assumption has to be this is because of the phenomenal success of the game 4 Ways Playing Pokemon GO Can Improve Your Life You're likely one of the many people obsessed with Pokemon Go. Did you know the game can have positive effects on your life and the world around you? Here's how! Read More , with the delay allowing Nintendo to ramp up production.

Pokemon Go is a smartphone game everyone and their grandmother has been playing. But while a company called Niantic developed the game, Nintendo is responsible for the Pokemon Go Plus peripheral. This is a Bluetooth-enabled wearable which lets you play the game without having your phone out on display at all times. It’s expected to retail for $34.99.

Twitter for Android Gets a Night Mode

Twitter has added a Night Mode to the official Twitter for Android app. This basically switches the UI from dark text on a light background to light text on a dark background. So, it’s not particularly innovative, but it is a very welcome feature.


Although I once argued that websites with dark backgrounds suck Why Websites With Dark Backgrounds Completely Suck [Opinion] You're reading MakeUseOf right now, a website which primarily uses dark text on a light background. Which is as it should be. That bar across the top with light text on a dark background, and... Read More , there are times when such design choices are rather useful. At nighttime without an external light source, for example. Sadly, there is no word yet on this feature also coming to Twitter for iOS.

Laughing at the Heavy Rain QTEs

And finally, while video games are, for the most part at least, fun, they’re not usually particularly funny. Unless things go wrong, usually due to bugs that weren’t fixed during testing 4 Bugs And Glitches In Video Games That Became Features Bugs are mostly bad, but they can be good too. Keep reading to find out how. Read More , at which point moments of hilarity can ensue. However, Heavy Rain is a strange beast, as its core gameplay actually prompts laughs.

Heavy Rain, for the uninitiated, is a Quantic Dream game first released in 2010. It was a story-driven title, with plenty of QTEs (Quick-Timer Events) determining the outcomes of various scenes. Like the one in this video, which saw your character chasing a suspect through the streets.


If you got the QTEs right then your character had a painless time of it all. But get them wrong and your character had a very bad day indeed. This video shows a compilation of what would happen if someone mistimed every single QTE and got to carry on playing. And it’s all made better by the laughter of someone watching it play out. [H/T Reddit]

Your Views on Today’s Tech News

Do you think Apple’s hardware sales will bounce back? If the rumors are true, will you be buying a Nintendo NX? Are you planning on upgrading to Pokemon Go Plus? Do you scroll through Twitter while in bed? What’s the funniest scene from a video game you have ever seen?

Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.

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  1. jonen560ti
    July 30, 2016 at 4:38 pm

    I'm ok with QTE's, but QTE's with no consequence for failure? Might as well just sit back and relax

  2. Anonymous
    July 28, 2016 at 4:49 pm

    And this is partly why kids don't play outside anymore. Because everybody lives in fear.