Apple Stores Now Offer Free Classes for Everyone
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Apple is ramping up its efforts to educate the masses. To this end, Apple Stores around the world will be hosting free classes where all and sundry can learn new skills. Sure, all of these free lessons involve Apple products, but a freebie is a freebie, and everyone likes a good freebie.

If you’ve ever set foot in an Apple Store you’ll have seen a group of people being taught how to turn their iPads on. And then off again. Apple has always been keen to teach people how to use its products, but the company is now upping the ante by venturing into more advanced topics.

Today at Apple… Free Education

Today at Apple is a new initiative which will see educational sessions held in all 495 of its retail stores. Highly-trained staff called Creative Pros, as well as the occasional musician, artist, or photographer, will teach people new skills. And all completely for free.

Lessons include: Photo Walks and Sketch Walks helping you take your photography and art skills to new levels; Pro Series helping you get more out of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X; Coding sessions introducing you to coding with Swift; and Kids Hours helping kids make music, movies, and more.

Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, said:

“At the heart of every Apple Store is the desire to educate and inspire the communities we serve. ‘Today at Apple’ is one of the ways we’re evolving our experience to better serve local customers and entrepreneurs.”

“We’re creating a modern-day town square, where everyone is welcome in a space where the best of Apple comes together to connect with one another, discover a new passion, or take their skill to the next level.”

Today at Apple will be launching worldwide in May. You can sign up to individual sessions via the Apple Store app or website, with availability depending on the type of session you wish to attend. To accommodate Today at Apple, Apple Stores will be getting new displays, seating, and sound.

Securing Lifelong Customers

Apple isn’t doing this out of the goodness of its heart. We know because the lessons all involve Apple products. The idea is that the more you can do with that product, the more likely you are to invest in future iterations. And so, a few free lessons could secure a lifelong customer.

Do you own an Apple product? Would you attend a course teaching you how to do more with it? Which lessons will you be attending? Or would you rather learn from someone other than a Creative Pro? Am I being too cynical? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Franklin Heijnen via Flickr

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  1. David
    April 27, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    Do not learn Swift. It has nothing to do with "real" programming languages, and learning it will just cripple you to learn something useful in the future. It just locks you into their ecosystem, which shrinks everyday.