Apple Is the World’s Best Brand… Again
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Apple has been named the best brand in the world again in 2016. Brand consultancy firm Interbrand has placed Apple at the top of the rankings for four years in a row. Apple is therefore considered more valuable than Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and Amazon, amongst others.

Apple didn’t just top this list of the Best Global Brands, it smashed the opposition. Interbrand values the Apple brand at $178.1 billion, whereas Google, in the number two spot, is valued at $133.3 billion. There’s then a big drop to third, with Coca-Cola valued at (just!) $73.1 billion.

According to Interbrand, the Top 10 best brands in the world right now are:

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. Microsoft
  5. Toyota
  6. IBM
  7. Samsung
  8. Amazon
  9. Mercedes-Benz
  10. GE

In its blurb about each company, Interbrand describes Apple as “a technology company that leads innovation with their products and software platforms, providing seamless experiences across devices, and empowering people with breakthrough services”.

It should be noted that there are several of these brand rankings released every year. Forbes released its own list in May, and, lo and behold, Apple topped that one too. So, perhaps Apple’s incredible value as a brand is inarguable at this stage.

Companies Threatening Apple’s Dominance

OK, so Apple is clearly number one right now, with fresh air between it and the rest of the field. However, the value of some other companies’ brands is rising fast. And Interbrand is also tracking these future competitors.

Facebook is growing extremely quickly, with its brand value having increased by 48% in the last 12 months. Amazon isn’t far behind, growing by 33%. Then there’s LEGO on 25%, Nissan on 22%, and Adobe on 21%. So the death of Adobe Flash has actually had a positive effect on the company.

Will any of these growing brands topple Apple anytime soon? We doubt it, because Apple has an enviable lead over the competition. And while removing the headphone jack annoyed some people, the iPhone 7 is still guaranteed to be a success. Because everything Apple does is a success.

What’s your favorite brand right now? Do you agree that Apple is the most recognized and revered brand in the world? What does the Apple brand stand for as far as you’re concerned? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Zeevveez via Flickr

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