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Justin Pot 03-04-2010

Google’s open source platform is certainly thriving, with 40,000 apps and counting. Trouble is, unlike Apple’s application store, the Android app marketplace is virtually unregulated. Because of this, some believe that 1/4 of Android apps to be little more than spam.


AppBrain aims to be the Android apps repository without the spam. All applications are reviewed to ensure quality, meaning you won’t have to wade through spam to find the good bits you’re looking for. AppBrain doesn’t store any applications on its own server; rather, it serves as an alternative interface to Google’s marketplace which you can use from your desktop computer.

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Here’s how it works: you sign up for an AppBrain account, then install the AppBrain Market Sync application onto your Android phone. Now you can browse for Android apps on your phone, and click to install them. The Market Sync app on your phone will use the default Google Marketplace application to install your software, stopping to ask you to pay if necessary.

The service is free, and currently only works with applications that work in the United States (support for other countries is reportedly coming).


  • Alternative Android app store with spam apps removed.
  • Easily install Android software for your phone from your desktop computer.
  • Discover new apps.
  • Uses official Android Marketplace to install software.

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