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Antimap Log: Record & Visualize Activity Data [iOS & Android]

abhijeet 22-01-2012

Antimap Log is a tool that comes in the form of apps for iOS and Android phones, and helps to record and visualize – as they call it – “your own data.” The presence of the word “map” in their name might have given you an idea that it probably has something to do with location. It’s true. The data it can record is latitude, longitude, compass direction, speed (kph), distance (kms), time (milliseconds), and an input field for “optional points of interest”.


This data is recorded through GPS and compass sensors while you are doing outdoor activities like snowboarding, running, skiing, and so on. It is then stored as a CSV file and you can visualize and analyze it.

Antimap Log: Record & Visualize Activity Data [iOS & Android] antimaplog1

The app has some limitations, such as the data it stores is 1MB in size so you’ll probably need to delete previous data often, and it cannot work without GPS. It’s a niche app and doesn’t have a use for everyone out there, but is surely interesting.


  • Record and visualize outdoor activity data.
  • Needs GPS to work.
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