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Antibacterial iPhone 4 Case ecoskin Review and Giveaway

Jackson Chung 10-12-2010

<firstimage=”//static.makeuseof.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/ecoskinintro.jpg” />Antibacterial iPhone 4 Case ecoskin Review and Giveaway ecoskinintroHow many things do you touch in a day? The door to your office building? Money from buying your morning cup of coffee? The fuel nozzle at a petrol station? The door to a public washroom? And what about your phone?


These are a few of the most common items that a person touches in an average day. Among everything listed above, your phone is the only item that belongs to you. And so, that’s the only thing that you can keep clean.

I know some people who are constantly obsessed with keeping their hands clean. Well, now you’re able to keep your phone relatively clean as well. UK phone accessories company Anokimobi has come up with a very unique product called ecoskin. It’s made recycled material and houses an antibacterial ability. More info as we dive along.

We’ll also be giving 5 ecoskin iPhone 4 cases. Find out how you can win one for yourself.

Completely made in the UK, the £19.95 ecoskin utilises recycled material, specifically plastic, cotton and bamboo; to produce an environmentally-friendly iPhone 4 case. Even its packaging is made from recycled material. However, it’s not the case’s “green” factor that we’re interested in — it’s the “clean” factor. It’s interesting to note that these cases have been impregnated with an antibacterial substance that will keep the number of germs down to a minimum.

The said antibacterial, Biomaster, is based on a naturally occurring metal that’s been known to harbour antimicrobial property for thousands of years and is still in common use today — argentum. Or more commonly known as silver.


In its ionic form, silver ions exhibits a very toxic effect on bacteria, virus and fungi; yet is relatively harmless to humans. Because of this antibacterial property, many medical equipment are made out of silver. And I’d be willing to bet that you’ll be able to find silver doing its antibacterial work in your home as well — in the commonplace water filter.

So let’s recap. The ecoskin is made out of high-grade recycled materials and the entire case has antibacterial property. It doesn’t mean that the case will always be free of bacterial. Actually, in my opinion, it basically means that the case will retard the growth of bacteria — controlling its population.

Why would you need this? Well, why do you need to wash your clothes? Why do you shower? To maintain cleanliness. And I’d be willing to wager that you hardly bother to give your iPhone a shower or wipe down. Am I right?



So let’s take a look at the ecoskin. It comes in 4 colour variations: black, white, pink and clear. On the surface it’s pretty prosaic and sports a rubbery finish. On the inside, it’s smooth. But it’s the property that you can’t see that the ecoskin trumps quite a number of cases in the market.


The case has a very low profile. When fitted, the iPhone isn’t any larger or harder to hold. On the front surface, the case bevels over the iPhone’s screen — allowing the phone to be placed front side down without scratching.



And because of its low profile, the sync dock and headphones jack are both very accessible. You could easily dock the iPhone with the case on without any problems.

The volume and sleep buttons are covered but they respond well even through the case. The camera and its flash are both unobstructed. Fitting the case onto the iPhone is pretty simple and it does fit quite well. Getting it off is not as easy.


If I were being picky, I’d say that the case could be better if the inner surface had a rubbery finish. In addition to that, it could do with some shock absorption. Otherwise, for a clean and green iPhone case, it’s holding up pretty well.


The good: low profile, antibacterial.

The bad: inner surface could be better.

We’re giving 5 ecoskins away to MakeUseOf readers.

How do I win one?

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  1. iPhone Apps
    December 30, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Your article is very informative and the use of graphics adds to understanding the process. I think some of your sentences are too long, and a few minor commas are missing. One thing I was taught, never end a sentence with a preposition.

  2. JenniferCraker
    December 18, 2010 at 4:17 am

    A great product for a device that gets a lot of use from both phone owners and others as well.. An excellent idea for keeping the screen a lot cleaner from those prying touches when others handle your phone as well....

  3. Habika13
    December 16, 2010 at 4:46 am

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    Is for people with OCD lol