Anti Tracks Free: Delete All Traces Of Your Online Activity
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Do you want to keep your online activity hidden from others who use your computer? If yes, then you should definitely check out an app called Anti Tracks Free.

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Anti Tracks Free is a freeware application that is compatible with computers running Windows. The app comes in a setup file that is sized at nearly 4 MB. The function of the app is to help you erase all locally stored traces of your online activity. Traces of your internet activity are stored in numerous ways. In addition to the obvious internet history in your web browser, there are also browser cookies What's A Cookie & What Does It Have To Do With My Privacy? [MakeUseOf Explains] What's A Cookie & What Does It Have To Do With My Privacy? [MakeUseOf Explains] Most people know that there are cookies scattered all over the Internet, ready and willing to be eaten up by whoever can find them first. Wait, what? That can’t be right. Yes, there are cookies... Read More , saved passwords, caches of files, data in forms, download history, etc. – this is all only for the web browsers. Any other applications that use the internet leave some type of trace or other on your machine. These can all be removed, thanks to this handy application. After you install the application and open it, you can setup quick settings that specify which things you want cleared through the application. These options include browser traces, temporary files, network caches, paging files, and more.

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When you open the app you get 6 different options to choose from. These options include track eraser, disk cleaner, data concealing, spam eliminator, track concealing, and an option to modify the app’s preferences. The premium version of the app cost $29.95 and it lets you unlock the IP Concealer function and provides you with additional support.


  • A user friendly desktop app
  • Compatible with Windows computers
  • Removes traces of internet activity from your computer
  • Offers an IP Concealer with the premium app

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