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7 Annoying Instagram Issues and How to Fix Them

Shubham Agarwal 10-04-2019

Over the years, Instagram has gradually transformed from being a photo-sharing platform to a full-fledged social network. With built-in instant messaging, a dedicated video service, and more, Instagram is now laden with every social tool you’d need.


However, in the process of evolving into a social media destination, Instagram has failed to fix some common annoyances. Thankfully, however, people have developed workarounds to these. Here are some annoying Instagram issues and how to fix them.

1. Putting Multiple Links in Your Bio

put multiple links in Instagram bio with

Instagram has a strict policy against links. You can only have a single link in your bio and the ones you place in your captions won’t be clickable. Enter Lnk.Bio, an online workaround that lets you share multiple links with your followers.

Once you’ve set up your Lnk.Bio profile, you can add as many as links you want and generate a common URL for them. You can then paste that address in your Instagram bio and whenever someone clicks it, they’ll be redirected to your Lnk.Bio list. Plus, Lnk.Bio also allows you to attach images and descriptions to individual entries if you’d like to associate each of them to a specific post.

There are a couple of other utilities you may find handy. You can manage the layout of the list and write an extended bio for your Lnk.Bio account. If you upgrade to the premium subscription, you can even configure a custom link and explore insights of all of your links.


Visit: Lnk.Bio

2. Sharing Others’ Posts on Your Feed

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram still doesn’t offer sharing option. Fortunately, you can replicate the function with a third-party app.

All you need to do is copy the post link by tapping the three-dot menu present beside them and paste it into the third-party app. These services also come with the ability to reshare captions and videos. By default, they add a watermark for the original poster but you can remove or reposition it.


Apart from the apps linked below, here are the best Instagram repost apps The 5 Best Instagram Repost Apps for Android and iPhone You can't repost photos or videos on Instagram without using a third-party app. Here are the best Instagram repost apps! Read More for you to try.

Download: Repost for Android | iOS (Free, premium version available)

3. Downloading Photos or Videos From Instagram

download instagram posts with downloadgram

For downloading media from Instagram, you’ll have to rely on third-party services. While there is a multitude of options available on the app store, a much better alternative is a web app called DownloadGram.


With DownloadGram, you can instantly download a picture or video from Instagram and IGTV. It has a straightforward interface where you just need to paste the link and hit the download button to grab the file. There are no advertisements and limits. DownloadGram features a responsive layout so that you can use it on your phone without any hassles.

Visit: DownloadGram

4. Inserting Line Breaks in Captions

add link breaks to Instagram captions with Insta Space

One of the most annoying Instagram issues is the fact that you cannot insert line breaks in captions. People often try to circumvent around this by typing dots and dashes to separate paragraphs. But there is a cleaner way to do it.


The trick is to employ the invisible blank symbol which is built for writing the Braille language. Apps like Insta-Space let you easily use it for Instagram captions. You just need to paste or type the caption as you would normally with line breaks, and Insta-Space will automatically format it with the special symbol. Copy-paste the result on Instagram and you’re all set. Insta-Space, in addition to mobile apps, also has a web client.

Download: Insta-Space for Android | iOS (Free)

Visit: The Insta-Space Web App

5. Uploading to Instagram From Your Computer

Upload to instagram from PC with Vivaldi

Instagram has always been a mobile-first social network and still doesn’t have an upload function on its website. You’d be hard-pressed to find a way even on its Windows app and third-party services. So how do you post on Instagram from your computer?

The answer lies in Instagram’s progressive web app (PWA), which is essentially a supercharged web app which allows uploads. However, simply resizing your PC browser won’t work here since Instagram has put explicit checks in place to ensure you can’t access it anywhere other than on a phone. There is one hassle-free solution, though.

Download the Vivaldi browser. Vivaldi comes with a nifty utility which lets you pin mobile versions of websites on the sidebar. So if you set up Instagram as one of the panels, it will render the PWA.

To configure it, fire up Vivaldi, click the plus icon present on the left edge and go to Now, you will have Instagram’s mobile interface and you can tap the icon in the middle of the bottom tab bar to upload content from your computer.

6. Reducing Data and Power Consumption

Like other Facebook apps, Instagram is a power and data hog. If you’re not careful, you could easily end up draining your monthly allowance using nothing other than Instagram.

To solve this conundrum, we recommend switching to Instagram Lite. It’s a trimmed down version of its beefier counterpart and still offers the majority of the features. That includes the ability to upload stories as well as regular posts, the explore page, and more.

Instagram Lite is available as a web app, but on Android you can install it from the Play Store too. In addition to consuming less power, Instagram Lite is a fraction of the size of the main Instagram app.

Visit: Instagram Lite

Download: Instagram Lite for Android (Free)

7. Direct Messaging on PC

add link breaks to Instagram captions with Insta Space

Despite messaging having become a fundamental aspect of the Instagram experience, it has yet to arrive on the web app or desktop clients. IG:dm, an open-source free app, however, fills that void with a minimalistic desktop app for Instagram DMs.

IG:dm comes with a basic interface where you can view and reply to your Instagram conversations. Plus, you can start new ones by looking up and pinging users from the search bar. Surprisingly, the app also lets you send pictures and videos.

Apart from that, IG:dm has a handful of other utilities. You can disable the “Seen” receipts and view which accounts don’t follow you back. IG:dm can be installed on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Download: IG:dm (Free)

Instagram Features You Should Be Using

By utilizing these third-party tools, you should be able to mend some of the most annoying Instagram issues. And hopefully, it won’t be long before Instagram offers official fixes.

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