Annoy Everyone You Know With Non-Stop Nyan Cat!

Dave Parrack 01-02-2012

nyan catNyan Cat is one of those memes that the more you try to avoid it, the more likely you are to encounter it. The solution is, of course, to embrace the meme and embrace the cat. That way you’ll get it out of your system and when Nyan Cat next crops up as you trawl your way around the InterWebs you won’t give two Nyan Cats about it.

Non-Stop Nyan Cat! is surely the best way of embracing the damn thing. And you can make use of this particular website by testing your own tolerance levels and the tolerance levels of those around you. I swear that anyone who can spend longer than 10 minutes on the Non-Stop Nyan Cat! site deserves some kind of medal. A Nyan Cat-shaped one, obviously.

What The Hell Is Nyan Cat?

nyan cat

Nyan Cat is made up of three different components: an animated GIF How to Make an Animated GIF Image with GIMP Read More drawn to show what a creature combining a cat and a Pop-Tart would look like, a remix of a Japanese pop song with the Japanese word for “Meow” repeated over and over on a loop, and a YouTube video bringing the previous two components together in one glorious whole.

Non-Stop Nyan Cat!, meanwhile, is a website featuring our titular hero. He dons many disguises, his catchy tune changes wildly, but it’s still Nyan Cat and he’s still as annoying as anything you could ever possibly imagine. In triplicate.

Pick A Flavor, Any Flavor

Non-Stop Nyan Cat! features an astonishing array of Nyan Cat’s brethren. Click on ‘Pick A Flavor‘ and a sidebar appears with a smörgåsbord of 23 choices (at the time of writing) for you to pick from. You surely have to try them all, don’t you? I did, and it hasn’t done me any harm. Everyone does have a rainbow trailing behind them as they fly, don’t they?

Three of my favorite twists on the original Nyan Cat are:-

Ganja Nyan

non stop nyan cat

To become Ganja Nyan, Nyan dons a Jamaican beanie, and steel drums are thrashing out the original tune. Stereotyping at its best.

Jackson 5 Nyan

non stop nyan cat

To become Jackson 5 Nyan, Nyan dons a huge 1970’s-style afro and the original tune is cleverly entwined with I Want You Back by the Jackson 5.

Retro Nyan

non stop nyan cat

To become Retro Nyan, Nyan enters a sepia world as if he has been given a part in a Charlie Chaplin-esque silent movie. The piano cover of the Nyan tune is very fitting.

Test Your Tolerance

nyan cat game

How much of Non-Stop Nyan Cat! can you stand?

I managed 600 seconds (or 10 minutes). At which point I was ready to either put my fist through the screen or kick my own cat purely because he vaguely resembles Nyan Cat. In the end I merely took a screenshot as proof of my powers of tolerance and quickly shut the page. Then I lay in the bath sobbing for a while in order to recover from the emotional turmoil I had just put myself through.

See if you can do better. Just don’t cheat by muting the volume. Suffer! Like I did. Not that I’m bitter, you understand.

Annoy… Everyone

nyan cat game

Once you’ve got sick of testing your own tolerance levels for listening and watching an animated flying cat with a rainbow shooting out of its backside, it’s time to annoy everyone else with it.

Whether you’re at work, school, in a public library, or even at home, I’d say it’s entirely appropriate to hijack a friend or colleague’s computer and make him sit through Non-Stop Nyan Cat. Just open the website, pick your favorite flavor of Nyan Cat and walk away quickly. And quietly. Trying not to hum the Nyan Cat tune as you do so.

Sometimes it isn’t even necessary to actually hijack someone else’s computer to annoy them with Non-Stop Nyan Cat! While playing with the site in order to write this article I’ve made sure to have my volume up high. You know, to really get into the spirit of the thing. My housemate is almost ready to throttle me, and I’m pretty sure one of my neighbors (thin walls) had a nightmare involving Nyan Cat thanks to my spectacular efforts.

Extending The Life Of The Meme

You may have thought, like I did, that Nyan Cat was set to be an Internet meme A Brief Overview of Internet Memes & How You Can Quickly Create Your Own Read More that lived and died in 2011. But no. Thanks to Non-Stop Nyan Cat! and the efforts of many on YouTube, Nyan Cat looks set to live on for a while yet.

You can also have Nyan Cat invade a webpage Nyanit: Let Nyan Cats Invade A Webpage [Fun] Read More , or add Nyan Cat to a progress bar Add Nyan Cat To Your Progress Bars, Because It's Awesome Is your Windows progress bar stupid, green and boring? Make it 5011% more awesome: add the infamous Nyan cat to it, complete with the trademark music and rainbow. It's just a simple download away. There... Read More . God help us all.

YouTube has many variations on a theme starring Nyan Cat. My favorite of which has to be the 10-hour, 24-hour, and 50-hour videos which feature nothing other than Nyan Cat flying through the night sky. The 10-hour one, as embedded above, is even presented in HD. I’m sure YouTube really appreciated processing that particular waste of time.

Non-Stop Nyan Cat! even features a store selling various Nyan Cat products. These include games, wrapping paper, mugs, and clothes. My favorite of which has to be the ‘Yes We Nyan!’ t-shirt and hoodie featuring Nyan Cat as Barack Obama. I’m easily pleased.

nyan cat


Have you had enough of Nyan Cat yet? Please say you’ve had enough by now. Because I can’t take any more. I’m out. Nyan Cat is dead to me. Non-Stop Nyan Cat! has finally managed to kick my habit of listening and watching this foul creation galloping endlessly to nowhere. Now I need to find a darkened room suitable for me to curl up in the fetal position.

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    Mother of God.

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      April 12, 2012 at 11:19 am

      You love it really.

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