Anime Strike Is Now Free on Amazon Prime
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Amazon has killed Anime Strike and added all of its shows to Amazon Prime. This means fans of anime will no longer have to pay the $5/month asking price for Anime Strike’s curated collection of anime shows, getting them for free (excluding the Prime subscription) instead.

Amazon launched Anime Strike You Can Now Stream Endless Anime on Amazon Prime You Can Now Stream Endless Anime on Amazon Prime Amazon has launched its own streaming service dedicated to anime. Called Anime Strike, this new standalone streaming service is packed to the rafters with anime series both old and new. Read More in January 2017. This was to be a standalone streaming service full of anime, including old shows, new shows, and even exclusive shows. Anime Strike was one of those Prime TV channels 8 Amazon Prime TV Channels Actually Worth Watching 8 Amazon Prime TV Channels Actually Worth Watching Amazon recently added about 30 TV channels that you can subscribe to for an additional monthly fee, but are they worth subscribing to? Here are eight that could be worth your time and money. Read More costing $5/month on top of the $99/year Amazon Prime subscription.

Amazon’s Great Anime Strike Adventure

Anime Strike launched with over 1,000 pieces of content, covering shows and even movies. This included shows such as Scum’s Wish, The Great Passage, and Chi’s Sweet Adventure, all of which were exclusively available on Amazon in the U.S. And Anime Strike was only available in the U.S.

However, just 12 months on, and Anime Strike is no more. Subscriptions have been discontinued, with all Anime Strike content now available to everyone (in the U.S.) with an active Amazon Prime membership. Which is obviously good news for anime fans with Amazon Prime subscriptions.

An Amazon spokesperson gave Kotaku, which first reported the news, a statement saying, “We have decided to move the curated catalogs of Anime Strike and [Bollywood channel] Heera into Prime Video so that more customers can enjoy this content as part of their Prime membership.”

There were two problems with Anime Strike. 1. Getting access to it effectively meant paying twice; once for Prime, and once for Strike. 2. There is also robust competition in the form of Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix, which is producing anime originals Netflix Is Making a Slew of New Anime Originals Netflix Is Making a Slew of New Anime Originals Netflix is doubling down on its commitment to anime, announcing a raft of new original shows and movies. And with that the world has got both a little bit stranger and a little more awesome. Read More , and Amazon can’t compete.

Just Another Reason to Get Amazon Prime

Amazon clearly isn’t going to disclose why it has shuttered Anime Strike. However, we can only assume the number of subscribers didn’t justify keeping it around. So Amazon might as well make these anime shows and movies another of the many reasons to subscribe to Amazon Prime 6 Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Be Ignoring Right Now 6 Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Be Ignoring Right Now Scratch the surface. Amazon Prime has so many more benefits that people have forgotten about or simply don't realize exist. Read More .

Were you subscribed to Anime Strike? Are you sorry to see this dedicated service being shuttered? Are you pleased Amazon is bringing the shows to Prime instead? Do you subscribe to any other anime-centric streaming service? Please let us know in the comments below!

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