11 Animated Shows for Adults to Watch on Netflix
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While adult cartoons used to be limited to a few specialized networks and channels, the genre has now grown massively and moved into the mainstream.

As a result, Netflix has invested in more original animated sitcoms for adults while also snapping up the streaming rights for popular adult cartoons and anime.

The problem with having so many adult animated shows on Netflix to choose from, how do you decide what to watch? Here are the best adult cartoons on Netflix.

Why Adult Cartoons on Netflix?

While animated shows and cartoons are often associated with children, the genre has long had series targeted towards older viewers. These shows are all about blending funny, witty, and thought-provoking depth with a light presentation.

We have handpicked some of the best adult cartoons on Netflix that will both help you laugh and relax, as well as possibly make you question a few of life’s existential quandaries.

1. BoJack Horseman

IMDb Rating: 8.5

This show will: Make you do some deep thinking on your own insecurities and your ways of coping with them.

BoJack Horseman takes the struggles of trying to find your identity in the modern world, but presents it in the whimsical format of a world where anthropomorphic animals and humans live side-by-side.

The show follows fictional 90s sitcom star BoJack Horseman, who grapples with his life as a washed-up actor who has little to show since the cancellation of his TV hit. Still living in Hollywood, you watch as BoJack tries to get back in the limelight while never changing the behavior that made him a pariah in the first place.

The dry, dark comedy of the show creates moments of laughter, but also feelings of pity and disquiet. While the animation is unusual, it doesn’t dull the themes in the show. It is filled with reflections on self-sabotage, the pursuit of fame, and the destructive patterns that can emerge from years of depression.

2. F Is for Family

IMDb Rating: 8

This show will: Remind you to never take the image of the nuclear family or American dream at face value.

Rarely do shows make the protagonist unlikable, while simultaneously making you want to keep watching it. But this is just what F Is For Family does with Frank Miller, a Vietnam veteran raising a family in 1970s America.

While Frank appears to be living the American dream with his wife and three children, it’s immediately clear that this sitcom follows a dysfunctional family grappling with a changing landscape.

The show blends raunchy comedy, 70s nostalgia, and dark moments to create a unique blend of humor. It stands apart from the absurdity of other adult cartoons like Family Guy or American Dad; rather using moments grounded in reality.

3. Castlevania

IMDb Rating: 8.1

This show will: Provide a fresher, more compelling take on the traditional Dracula tale.

Based on the third video game in the Castlevania franchise, this anime series depicts a world where Dracula has waged war against the human race.

Rather than a simple good guys vs. bad guys story, the show delves into Dracula’s motivations—and the fact that superstitious humans burnt his human wife at the stake for her knowledge of medicine.

Meanwhile, the last member of the vampire-hunting Belmont family teams up with a magic wielder and Dracula’s half-human, half-vampire son to save humans from the vampire lord’s wrath.

4. Big Mouth

IMDb Rating: 8.1

This show will: Remind you about the awkwardness of puberty, while simultaneously making it even more embarrassing.

Created by comedian Nick Kroll, Big Mouth is a Netflix original series that explores the journey and missteps of puberty. While young teens are the central focus of the series, the raunchy humor and inappropriate gags mean that this is definitely an adult cartoon.

Rather than simply focusing on the awkwardness of growing up, Big Mouth takes a fantastical look at puberty by introducing colorful characters like hormone monsters, a shame wizard, and even a few ghosts.

5. One Punch Man

IMDb Rating: 8.9

This show will: Give those tired of traditional anime tropes a new kind of hero to root for.

One Punch Man is a refreshing addition to the anime genre, poking fun at the tropes and common formulas we see in so many series. The show is based on the viral hit manga series of the same name.

What makes the ultra-powerful protagonist Saitama different from other anime heroes is that his immense power, which allows him to destroy any enemy with a single punch, has filled him with existential boredom. However, he continues to trudge along since being a hero is his main hobby.

If you’re a fan of the anime genre, but would like a fresh and hilarious take on the typical superhero story, One Punch Man is a great option.

6. Disenchantment

IMDb Rating: 7.2

This show will: Turn the typical fairy tale on its head.

Disenchantment is a Netflix original from Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama. But this time around, the story takes place in a medieval fantasy land and follows the life of a princess who is anything but your typical fairy tale royalty.

While not reaching the cultural phenomenon status of Groening’s other work, the animation is filled with offbeat characters and entertaining, bizarre situations. It’s a generally lighter tone than many of the other adult animations on Netflix, with a tamer 13+ rating.

7. B: The Beginning

IMDb Rating: 7.3

This show will: Keep you guessing on a variety of fronts.

Netflix has been investing far more in anime series to stream The 10 Best Anime Series to Watch on Netflix The 10 Best Anime Series to Watch on Netflix Netflix has an impressive selection of anime shows just waiting to be discovered. In this article we pick the cream of the crop, with 10 anime shows everyone should watch. Read More , with B: The Beginning being one of their later additions. The show is a blend of the detective, thriller, and fantasy genres. It follows the hunt for Killer B, a serial killer dolling out vigilante justice.

The story is seen through multiple perspectives—the police force hunting Killer B, an investigator with a dark past aiding the search, and Killer B himself. Killer B turns out to have supernatural powers—something that makes him a target for another mysterious group that claims they need him.

There’s mystery on all fronts—including B’s true identity and his connection to investigator Keith Klick.

8. Aggretsuko

IMDb Rating: 8

This show will: Give you a new, fluffy, metalhead icon.

Ever wondered what it would be like if Hello Kitty were a death metal icon? Well, you’d get the ultra-cute, ultra-hardcore red panda Retsuko.

Disillusioned by life as an office worker under the boot of a literal chauvinist pig boss, introvert Retsuko finds relief in her late-night death metal karaoke sessions.

The English dub of the series, available on Netflix, even includes English metal songs—so that you can get the full feel of Retsuko’s existential plight and rage.

9. Love, Death + Robots

IMDb Rating: 8.7

This show will: Make you feel everything from disgust to merriment due to the sheer variety of story topics.

Love, Death + Robots is a sci-fi anthology series; with each episode telling a different story from a different director.

This means that each episode varies not only in its chosen animation style. Rather, tone, themes, and other elements contrast starkly across each episode. Stories range from hyper-violent, hypersexual tales to entertaining, cartoonist reflections on the human condition.

There are a few stand-out episodes praised across the board, with a tale for sci-fi lovers of every taste.

10. Red vs. Blue

IMDb Rating: 8.4

This show will: Make you look at video games plotlines and background lore differently.

The long-running web series Red vs. Blue, which uses in-game scenes and characters from the Halo games to parody the sci-fi video game genre, has found a home on Netflix.

The series is shot using gameplay within Halo multiplayer sessions (treating the characters as puppets), with the addition of entertaining voiceovers to drive the story. The humor is extremely dry, but will likely resonate with people who enjoy watching staged gameplay gags.

As the seasons progress, the quality of the voiceovers and graphics improve along with new releases in the Halo franchise.

11. Tuca and Bertie

IMDb Rating: 7.4

This show will: Remind you that unlikely friendships are sometimes the best.

Tuca and Bertie comes from the same team behind BoJack Horseman, but the anthropomorphic animals are where the similarities end.

The show focuses on best friends Tuca and Bertie, voiced by Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong respectively. The characters are as different as night and day, which often leads to them enjoying absurd adventures together.

They tackle the challenges of millennial life and being a bird lady in a bird man’s world with all the grace you can expect of maladapted adults.

More Great Shows to Watch on Netflix

Now that you know what the best adult cartoons on Netflix are, you should consider branching out into more genres on Netflix. Luckily, the streaming service has plenty of content to enjoy.

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    Better hurry if you want to catch what's left of American Dad. They've already removed the middle seasons and May will see the removal of the last 4 seasons.

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    "...in the small town of Rhode Island." Uh, Family Guy is set in the small Rhode Island town of Quahog. Rhode Island is a state, not a town.

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