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Khamosh Pathak 04-09-2017

There aren’t many Android launchers Which Android Launcher Should You Use? We Compare the Best! These awesome launchers will have your Android device feeling brand new. Read More that work great right out of the box. This is a side effect of Android being so open and customizable. Launchers try to be their best most customizable selves, but this can end up alienating new users The Android Beginner's Guide: How to Set Up Your First Smartphone If you're just getting started with your first Android smartphone, this in-depth guide has everything you need to know. Read More who just want a seamless experience without jumping through a dozen hoops first.


Evie Launcher works great right out of the box. It’s not overloaded with features or gimmicks, yet it still has the essential customizations like icon pack support, grid customization, and more. The best thing about Evie is its lightning-fast search feature.

Download: Evie Launcher (Free)

Swipe Down to Get Started

Evie’s search feature is what sets it apart. Every other launcher just puts a Google search bar at the top and calls it a day. That’s a great way to search the web. But when it comes to searching for things on your device, Google’s search just doesn’t cut it.

Evie is the first Android launcher that turns the search feature on its head. Instead of being web first, it becomes device first. And it’s really fast at locating things you’d usually search for multiple times a day: apps, contacts, music, locations.

Evie Launcher 8


Just swipe down, start typing, and before you’ve hit the first 3-4 letters, Evie will present you with a list of options. The top result is usually what you’re looking for.

And this doesn’t mean that web search functionality is diminished. You’ll still see web search results, even though they’ll be at the bottom of the list. Let’s say you’re searching for Guardians of the Galaxy Why You Should Play the Guardians of the Galaxy Game If you're a Guardians of the Galaxy fan, you have to check out the new game. Here's why the name game will please fans of the movie and comic alike. Read More . As soon as you type “guard,” you’ll see autocomplete web results from Google search, plus Evie’s own smart results for the movie.

Evie Launcher Search

If you’re moving from an iPhone Switching from iPhone to Android? Here's How to Move All Your Stuff Ready to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone? Here's the only guide you need. Read More and you’re used to using Spotlight How to Use Spotlight on Your iPhone to Save Time Spotlight has been around on iOS devices for a while, but it's gotten a whole lot more powerful with iOS 9. Read More as a way of launching everything, Evie Launcher can help you bridge the gap.


Swipe Up for Apps

Evie Launcher 9

You’ll notice that there isn’t an app drawer icon on the home screen. To get to the app drawer, swipe up anywhere on the screen. You’ll see an alphabetized list of all your apps. Use the scrubber on the right edge to jump to a particular letter.

Evie Launcher App Drawer

If you’re not a fan of the list, tap on the grid icon in the top-right to switch to the grid mode.


Create Custom Shortcuts From Search Results

If you perform the same search multiple times a day, you can turn it into an icon on the home screen. This will work for anything from a contact search to actual Google search.

Evie Launcher Custom Shortcuts

Search for something in Evie, tap and hold on the result from the list, find an empty place on the homescreen, and release your finger to drop the shortcut there. Next time you tap it, it will perform the search.

Personalize the Home Screen

Tap and hold on an empty part of the screen and select Settings. This is where you’ll find every option for customising the launcher just the way you like it.


Homescreen: From here you can change the number of columns and rows, toggle icon labels, tweak the icon sizes, and enable scrolling wallpaper.

Evie Launcher 2

Dock: By default, the dock in Evie is disabled. From here you can not only enable it but also change the column grid, icon size, the background, and toggle icon labels.

Evie Launcher 1

Icon pack: If you’re a third-party icon pack kind of person 6 Gorgeous, Completely Free Icon Packs to Facelift Your Android Transforming the look of your Android device doesn't have to cost you anything. Read More , choose your downloaded icon pack from here.

Evie Launcher 3

Folders: From here, you can customize what expanded folders look like. You can increase the column size and icon size.

Evie Launcher 3

Tweak the Launcher

Evie offers you a couple of options when it comes to interacting with the launcher itself. Let’s go back to the Settings page.

Unread Badges: This is another iOS feature that you can enable if you want. Once you’ve granted notification access to Evie, you can enable this feature on a per-app or all-apps basis. You can tweak the size of the badge as well.

Evie Launcher 5

Gestures: From here, you can enable additional gestures Quickly Access Apps and Shortcuts With Custom Gestures for Android Gesture controls make it super easy to navigate quickly around your Android device. Read More . Tapping on the home button while you’re already on the home screen will bring up the Search feature. You can also swipe up with two fingers to open the Google Now page. Or double tap on the home screen to lock the device.

Evie Launcher 6

Search: From this section, you can tweak how the search bar looks and behaves. You can switch to a white styling. You can also change the Done button behavior to open the first result instead of closing the keyboard.

Evie Launcher Search Settings

Easily Add Widgets

Another feature that Evie improves upon is the experience of finding and adding widgets. Tap and hold on the home screen, select Widgets, and you’ll find a neatly organized list of widgets based on apps.

Evie Launcher 7

Each app gets its own section and you can scroll horizontally to see all available widgets for the app.

The Little Things

Evie Launcher is filled with little delightful features.

Seamless Importing: If you already have a setup in another launcher like Nova, you can import your entire launcher layout to Evie with just one tap.

Backup and Restore: From settings, you can backup the layout to your Google account.

App shortcuts: Tap and hold on an app, and you’ll find contextual shortcuts right there. Plus, you can tap and hold on an option, then move it to an empty part of the home screen to turn it into an icon.

Evie Launcher 10

If you’re new to Android or you just want a no-nonsense app launcher that will actually help you “launch” apps quickly and easily, look no further than Evie Launcher.

Download: Evie Launcher (Free)

What kind of launcher setup do you have? Are you using the default launcher or something like Nova or Action Launcher? Share with us in the comments below.

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  1. Doc
    September 6, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    Awww hell no. Sticking with Nova Launcher; can't stand having to type something (even one or two letters) to find what I want.

  2. Fik of Borg
    September 6, 2017 at 1:31 pm

    Just tried it. As advertised, it seamlessly imported my Nova layout, to the point that I am tempted to switch. Almost.
    Minor things that prevents me to switch: 1 The search bar can't be hidden. If the search bar is always there, one can always tap on it instead of swiping down, which would be useful if the search bar were hidden, allowing for a cleaner home screen. 2: Lack of circular desktop navigation, it is a big nuisance to swipe back three times from desktop #4 to desktop #1 instead of going forward once. 3: (very minor) Lack of "half snap" icon positioning, when in Nova I have some icons positioned on a half grid position.

  3. Sebastian
    September 5, 2017 at 11:03 am

    I'd like to know what phone is that from the picture. It's very wide. Looks nice.

    • KiNeL
      September 22, 2017 at 3:52 pm

      I've been using Evie for a while but principally as a secondary launcher on my Sony Xperia in the car when I just want an uncluttered screen with big icons for the handful of apps I need on the road such as DigiHud, Poweramp, and SatNav, also included is a link back to Zeam which I use normally.

      In some ways it almost looks like the Lineage team took some inspiration from Evie when designing the Trebuchet launcher.