Why Use an Android Download Manager? The 3 Best Apps to Try

Shubham Agarwal 13-06-2019

Tell us if this sounds familiar: you’re waiting for a large download to complete on your phone. But at the final percentage point, it abruptly fails and you’re forced to restart the whole process. If you’re usually on an erratic mobile network, the chances of this happening are even higher. Hence, you need a download manager.


Download managers can help you overcome several common hassles about downloading from the internet. Here we explain why you should try them and discuss the best download managers available for Android.

Why Do You Need a Download Manager?

Before we look at some apps for this purpose, let’s examine the reasons that a download manager is useful.

1. Take Advantage of Your Network’s Complete Bandwidth

When your phone downloads a file as a single large chunk of data, it can’t utilize the connection’s maximum bandwidth. This is primarily due to the limitations of the source’s server.

But what if your phone could break down that file and transfer it in multiple pieces? It will lead to much quicker turnaround times, and you’ll no longer be restricted by the source.

Download managers, unlike a browser’s in-built tool, let you achieve this concept of multithreading without any fuss or additional settings.


2. Easily Resume Failed Downloads

Many factors can cause a download from the internet to go wrong. These malfunctions are a waste of both your data and time.

Download managers come have measures in place to handle these situations. They enable you to easily resume failed downloads with the tap of a button. Even if you can’t revive them from the exact point when it crashed, you still won’t have to begin from scratch, since these apps download content in parts.

3. Batch and Simultaneous Downloads

Download managers are also better at downloading more than one file at a time. With smart multithreading algorithms, most of them can cleverly allocate resources depending on the source’s quality and size.


In addition, you can start several downloads and these apps will add them to a queue so you don’t have to manually begin each one. This is great if you’re visiting an Android APK download site The 5 Best Sites for Safe Android APK Downloads Need to download an APK to your Android device without the Google Play Store? Check out the best safe APK download sites. Read More and grabbing a bunch of apps.

4. Bandwidth Controls

Heavy downloads can interfere with your phone’s other functions. For instance, you might have to settle for a lower-quality stream on YouTube when there’s an active download.

Download managers overcome that with bandwidth controls. You can specifically choose the speed at which the app fetches the data. Plus, on some apps, you can set dedicated settings for a particular connection.

5. Download Scheduling

If your downloads can wait, you can also schedule them with download managers. You can assign them a time period and ask the app to turn Wi-Fi off or on automatically once the task is done.


A few download manager apps can sync your downloads with your alarms too. And when your phone downloads files at night, it’s easy to have Do Not Disturb prevent notifications about the downloaded files.

The Best Download Managers for Android

Now that you know all the benefits, you probably want to try a download manager for yourself. Here are the best choices.

1. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is the most feature-rich app you can install in this category. It offers all the tools we’ve discussed, plus many more. The app supports up to nine threads, three simultaneous downloads, and can automatically resume failed transfers.

On top of that, you can schedule downloads to line up with your alarms and access comprehensive statistics on your past downloads. Advanced Download Manager can also categorize files based on their type, such as Documents and Music. A Turbo Mode dedicates the whole bandwidth to a single download.


You even have automation options here. The app can automatically pause downloads when your phone is low on battery, wait for Wi-Fi if the file size crosses a given threshold, and more. If you’d like, you can theme the app however you want with a wide gamut of customization features.

Advanced Download Manager is free, with ads that you can pay to remove.

Download: Advanced Download Manager (Free)
Download: Advanced Download Manager Pro ($3)

2. IDM

IDM has a similar set of features as Advanced Download Manager. But there are a few notable differences you should know about.

For starters, IDM has a modern design which is easier to navigate. It’s also nearly twice as powerful as Advanced Download Manager: the app supports five simultaneous downloads and 16 threads.

In addition, it can recognize links from the clipboard and prompts you to add them to the queue. IDM is also compatible with torrents, in addition to regular downloads.

Like Advanced Download Manager, you have all the essential utilities on IDM including a batch downloader, scheduling, themes, automatic categorizing, and more. IDM lets you control the bandwidth and optimize transfers depending on your phone’s battery or connection.

IDM free version shows ads and locks a handful of features, such as scheduling. You can jump up to the Pro variant for a few dollars if you like.

Download: IDM (Free)
Download: IDM+ ($3)

3. IDM—Download Manager Plus

If the above apps feel overwhelming to you, try Logic Looper’s IDM. IDM is another download manager (despite the name, it’s unrelated to the earlier app) that simply boosts your download speeds and resumes ongoing downloads in an event of a failure.

IDM comes with a straightforward interface and only the essential features. It can download files using multithreading and manage concurrent downloads.

You can personalize the number of threads and simultaneous downloads allowed. Plus, you can tweak the bandwidth limit and select from three themes for the app’s design.

IDM is a free app without any upgrades, though it does have ads you can pay to remove.

Download: IDM—Download Manager Plus (Free)

Are Your Phone’s Download Speeds Still Slow?

Your phone’s native download manager isn’t terribly advanced. These download managers will thus make a handy addition to your toolkit, especially if you often download files from the internet.

If your downloads have been extra sluggish lately, a download manager won’t do much. You may need to dig deeper into the problem and research the reasons your phone has slow internet speeds 7 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Has Slow Internet Speeds Smartphones are the number one way to get online, for email, browsing, and shopping. But why is your phone's internet so slow? Read More .

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