How to Manage the Clipboard on Android
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Copy and paste functionality on Android is pretty basic, just as it is on most operating systems. Cutting and copying single items for pasting once is fine, but cut or copy anything else and it’s gone forever.

That’s sufficient for some, but many of us want more. Let’s review how to copy and paste on Android, and check out the best ways to improve the functionality.

The Basics of Copy and Paste on Android

Copying and pasting on Android is simple—but not always intuitive if you haven’t used an Android device before. Here’s how to do it if you’re new.

First, select some text. In most apps, like Chrome, you can do this by long-pressing on the text you want to copy.

copy and paste on android - Long Press Copy Text

Then, adjust the handles of the highlighted section to get just the words you want. You can also tap Select all if you want to copy all the text in an area.

Note that in some apps, like Twitter, those handles won’t appear. In that case, when long-pressing on a tweet, Twitter will automatically copy the whole tweet for you. This also works on addresses in Google Maps.

copy and paste on android - Google Maps and Twitter Copy Text

Finally, navigate to where you want to paste the text and long-press there, then select Paste. Alternatively, if you tap on the field where you want to paste the text, a small blue or black handle should appear. Tap on that to see the option to paste.

Android Paste

You’re now a copying and pasting pro! There are some special situations you should be wary of, however.

Intermediate Android Copy and Paste Tips

First off, anything you’ve copied will likely disappear if you turn off or restart your phone before pasting it. Thus, it’s best to paste the text quickly before you forget it’s there. Also, if you copy one item and then try to copy a second before pasting the first, the first copied text will be erased. Android’s clipboard can only hold one bit of text at a time.

If you’re reading an article and there’s a link to another article that you want to copy, you could tap the link, long-press in the URL bar, and then copy the URL. But it’s faster to use the power user method 10 Power User Tips for Chrome on Android 10 Power User Tips for Chrome on Android Use Chrome on your Android device? You must know about these top tips that help you get even more out of your mobile browser. Read More : just long-press on the original link itself and select Copy link address.

And, remember that you can only cut text if it’s in a text entry field. If the text is not editable—like in an article—you’ll only be able to copy it. But if you’re typing out a text message, you can cut the text that you’re typing and paste it elsewhere. This is essentially like copying and pasting, except it deletes the original text.

Since the built-in Android clipboard isn’t accessible (you can’t reference what you’re pasting without actually pasting it), and it can’t hold more than one bit of text, you might want to look to third-party Android clipboards.

How to Improve the Copy-Paste Function on Android

Android’s built-in copying and pasting functionality is super limited. Thankfully, there are a couple solid apps you can use to improve upon the clipboard, giving you access to a host of new ways to move text around.

Clipper: The Quick and Fast Option

copy and paste on android - Clipper Android Clipboard App

With Clipper, anything you copy will stay in the app. This allows you to have multiple bits of text copied at once, and you won’t lose anything if you accidentally copy something else.

And you can access your copied texts quickly by simply opening the app and tapping which text you want. Clipper will copy it to your built-in clipboard, and you can go paste it wherever you want. It’s dead simple and easy to use.

You can also just add quick phrases that you often need to type 9 Tips for Typing Faster on Your Android Phone 9 Tips for Typing Faster on Your Android Phone If you want to improve your typing speed on Android, these tips and tricks will help you out. Read More (like your email address) for easy access to them. You can even sort your notes by categories and use a persistent notification to reach the app in an instant.

Unfortunately, you also have to deal with a huge banner ad along the bottom. For full functionality you can buy Clipper Plus for $2. This allows you to save more than 20 clips, sync all your clips online, get rid of ads, and search your clips.

Download: Clipper (Free)
Download: Clipper Plus ($2)

AnyCopy: The Safe and Secure Option

AnyCopy has one specialty in mind: security 6 Android Security Apps You Should Install Today 6 Android Security Apps You Should Install Today Android security apps - capable of blocking malware and phishing attempts - are necessary if you wish to run a safe and secure smartphone. Let's look at some of the best Android security apps currently... Read More . It has a premium version for $2, but only a few features are hidden behind that paywall. They include changing the size of notes, changing the default save folder, and auto-sorting notes based on the app they were copied from.

The free version doesn’t have ads and is teeming with features. You can search through your notes, start the app through a persistent notification (or turn that off), set a PIN to lock the app, and set a password to lock particular folders. On top of all of that, your local notes are all encrypted. It’s definitely the safest app of the bunch.

It works like a charm. Copy anything, and you’ll later find it in AnyCopy, waiting for you to copy and paste it somewhere. It’s not the quickest solution, especially if you PIN-lock the app, but the extra security might be worth it.

Download: AnyCopy (Free with in-app purchase)

Copy and Paste on Android Like a Pro

Android’s built-in clipboard gets the job done, but these apps should be able to help if you want more. If having a clipboard manager changed your life, check out other Android apps that make life easier.

Also, if you have a Windows device, you can easily share your clipboard between your Android phone and Windows computer How to Share Your Windows Clipboard with Your Android Device & Vice Versa How to Share Your Windows Clipboard with Your Android Device & Vice Versa Ever wished you could share a URL or a snippet of text from your phone to your PC or vice versa? Your wish shall come true. We'll show you how to sync your clipboards. Read More .

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    I am content with using the basic clipboard functionality of swiftkey keyboard. No need to install an extra app. All I need from a clipboard manager is there in swiftkey. I love it. ?