16 Android Apps for Saving Money on (Almost) Everything

Dan Price 29-05-2017

Very few of us save enough money. According to research by the Economic Policy Institute, almost half of American families have no long-term savings, and the national median is just $5,000.


Given experts agree you should be saving at least 20 percent of your household income Save Money and Set Budgets With 5 Apps, Sites, and Free Ebooks The ability to manage you finances and save money is a crucial life skill. Have you mastered it yet? Follow the right guidance and take the help of these apps. Read More every month, most of us clearly have a long way to go.

Of course, saving isn’t easy. The burden of mortgages, student loans, and credit cards can quickly eat into your salary. It seems like we could all do with a little assistance.

And that’s where your smartphone comes in. There are lots of apps that can help you shave a few dollars off all your expenses. Before you know it, you’ll have reached that magical 20 percent.

Here are 16 Android apps that you help you save money on (almost) everything.

Groceries and Shopping

After you’ve paid bills and other fixed costs, grocery shopping is the next largest expense for most people. Download these apps and slash your supermarket bill.


1. SavingStar

With offers often worth $5 or more, SavingStar is one of the best grocery coupon apps Forget Extreme Couponing! How to Save With Minimal Effort Extreme couponing is crazy, but you don't have to make a full-time job out of clipping coupons to save big. Here are practical tips on how to make saving with coupons easy. Read More in the Play Store. You don’t need to print anything — all the deals are offered and selected via your smartphone.

savingstar android app

Your account is linked to your loyalty cards at various stores. Big names such as Walmart, Target, Safeway, Albertsons, Kroger, Stop & Shop, and CVS are all part of the scheme.

DownloadSavingStar (Free)


2. Flipp

It might be hard to believe, but some businesses still place ads in newspapers and local circulars. Frequently, you won’t find those ads online.

Flipp grabs print media ads and flyers from more than 800 retailers, including Walmart, Walgreens, Home Depot, Macy’s, JCPenney, Best Buy, and Lowe’s.

It’ll match your physical location to local deals in your area, so if you see a deal you like, just clip it to the app’s shopping list.

DownloadFlipp (Free)


3. Paribus

How many times have you seen a store offer a “money back guarantee” if you can find the same product for a lower price elsewhere? And how many times have you bothered (or remembered) to check other stores?

Paribus solves the problem by tracking your online purchases from major retailers. If the price drops in another shop, the app gets the refund for you (though it does keep 25 percent of the rebate for its trouble).

Download — Paribus (Free)

4. GoodRX

GoodRX lets you save money on your prescriptions and medication. The developers claim it can save you hundreds of dollars a month, even if you have insurance.


It scans thousands of pharmacies to find the lowest prices, it searches for any available coupons, and it lets you know when there are sales on your specific medicines.

DownloadGoodRX (Free)

Moving to a New Home

Moving is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. If you use these two apps, you’ll ease some of that stress.

5. Zillow Real Estate

Zillow boasts values for more than 100 million homes around the United States, thus giving you an unrivaled insight into whether your next property offers value for money or is overpriced.

It also lists the nearby schools and other amenities and provides links to local mortgage lenders and realtors.

DownloadZillow Real Estate (Free)

6. Dwellr

If you want to save money when you move, one of the biggest factors to consider is the cost of living in your new neighborhood How to Compare Cost of Living Between Two Cities Cost of living is a huge factor to consider before you move from one city to another. This tool makes it very easy to compare where you are with where you want to go. Read More .

dwellr android app

Cost of living goes beyond utility bills and grocery shopping. How much do schools cost? How far will your commute be? Is there a good public transportation system? Which internet service providers are available?

Dwellr, an official app from the U.S. Census Bureau, collates 40 data points on every town in the country. You can even answer a quick survey, and it’ll recommend the best location for you to live.

Download — Dwellr (Free)

Financial Planning

It’s no good saving a few dollars on your shopping if you’re not putting your savings to good use. Get your money working for you with these two apps.

7. Debt Payoff Planner

Paying off your debts How to Visualize Your Debt & Stay Motivated While Paying It Off It's tough to stay motivated to keep paying off your debt, but visualizing it can make the process easier. Read More is the fastest way to save money. It’s so important that many “celebrity” financial planners say it’s the first thing you should do after saving a $1,000 emergency fund.

To get rid of your debts you need two things: a well-planned strategy 3 Reasons Why the Debt Snowball Beats the Debt Avalanche The debt snowball and debt avalanche are both great ways to pay off debt, but these three reasons will show you that the snowball is usually a better choice. Read More , and a way to monitor your progress.

debt free android app

Download Debt Payoff Planner to track your debt reduction accomplishments. The app supports several proven strategies and gives you all the charts, projections, and graphs you could want.

DownloadDebt Payoff Planner (Free)

8. Goodbudget

There are lots of budgeting apps in the store The 4 Best Budgeting Apps to Get Your Finances in Order Looking for the best budget app to get your finances under control? Here are some great apps to help you manage your money. Read More , but my favorite is Goodbudget. It uses an “envelope” approach: just allocate how much money you want to spend on each category and stick to it.

goodbudget android app

Log everything for few months, and you’ll quickly discover some areas where you can cut back.

DownloadGoodbudget (Free)


There’s nothing more satisfying for the soul than traveling the world 11 Android Apps You Need for Traveling the World If you're going to be travelling anytime soon, you need these apps. Read More , meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures. You’ll get all the fun without spending a fortune if you download these apps.

9. Rome2Rio

Stepping out of the airport in a foreign land can be a daunting prospect. Taxi drivers want to rip you off, the train timetable is three years out of date, and rental car providers want to flog you a vastly overpriced insurance scheme. How do you know which is the cheapest and fastest way of getting from A to B?

rome2rio android app

Simple. Download Rome2Rio. It’s a global transport planner than covers flights, trains, buses, ferries, and rental cars. Enter your destination, and you’ll get estimated travel times and fares for all possible routes.

DownloadRome2Rio (Free)

10. HERE WeGo

Slash roaming fees with HERE WeGo. It offers offline maps and GPS tracking 8 Best Free Offline GPS Navigation Apps for Android Need directions on your phone but don't have an internet connection? These offline GPS apps for Android will help you navigate. Read More , and also includes transport ticket prices and car-sharing information.

here wego android app

It’s a must-have alternative to Google Maps Waze vs. Google Maps: Which App Will Navigate Home Faster Waze and Google Maps are both solid navigation apps, but which one is the best? Read More .

DownloadHERE WeGo (Free)

11. GasBuddy

If you’d prefer a “staycation,” download GasBuddy. It’ll help you find the lowest gas prices in your local vicinity, which is especially useful if you’ve hired a car on the other side of the country.

It’s even worth downloading if you live in a large metropolitan area and have a lot of gas stations to choose from. With the increasing fluctuations in global oil prices, it’s impossible to keep track of the deals without some help.

DownloadGasBuddy (Free)

12. Best Parking

Finding cheap parking is a nightmare in larger cities. Costs are becoming astronomical; it’s often cheaper to take an Uber.

best parking android app

Best Parking covers 105 cities and 115 airports in the United States and lists a price for each of them. You’ll never be ripped off again.

DownloadBest Parking (Free)

For Students

It’s tough being a student. All you want to do is spend money on parties and go on holiday 6 Deals That'll Make Your Next Vacation Amazing Today we're going to look at six deals that'll take a trip from average to incredible. There's a discoutned DSLR camera, phone chargers, battery backups, Bluetooth speakers, eBooks, and much more! Read More , but your bank balance won’t allow it. Check out these two apps; they might help you live a little more.

13. Campus Special

Parties and vacations are great, but let’s set our sights a little lower. Campus Special helping you save money on your daily food bill.

campus special android app

It’s a coupon app Top 14 Sites for Online Coupons & Promotional Codes Online coupons can make a difference in your savings and budget. Try these promo code websites to find the best discount coupons. Read More that focuses on offering you deals from restaurants and fast food places close to your campus. As you use the app, you can accumulate points, which you can then trade in for even bigger discounts.

Download — Campus Special (Free)

14. NUS Extra

This is one for our British readers.

nus extra android app

NUS Extra is the official app from the National Union of Students. It offers students in the UK savings on everything from the cinema to Spotify. You just need your student number to register and start saving.

DownloadNUS Extra (Free)


Life wouldn’t be any fun if you didn’t let your hair down occasionally. But you can be saving even when you’re out enjoying yourself.

15. Dice

If live music is your thing Watch Recorded Live Shows From Metallica, James Brown & More with Music Vault Do you remember your first live gig? Wouldn't it be cool if you found footage of the occasion on the Internet? Music Vault might just have it. Read More , install Dice. Clubs, gigs, and festivals are all covered — you just buy your ticket via the app and show up at the door with your smartphone.

dice android app

So how does it help you save money? No booking fees.

DownloadDice (Free)

16. Out to Eat With Kids

If you’ve got a young family, it can be challenging to find a good spot to eat. As an adult, you want good food and cheap prices; your kids probably only care about whether their nuggets come with fries and if there’s a playground available.

android app out to eat with kids

Out To Eat With Kids supplies menus and prices for children’s meals at thousands of eateries. You can filter by location and daily specials, and even slowly build a database of your favorite locations so that you never miss a deal.

Download — Out to Eat With Kids (Free)

Which Apps Do You Use?

I’ve shown you 16 awesome apps to help you save money on almost anything. If you download and use all of them, you’ll be able to drastically cut back on your monthly expenses.

I’d love to know what you would add to this list. Which apps are indispensable for someone who needs to slash their spending?

As always, you can leave all your tips, recommendations, and opinions in the comments below.

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