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Android Apps on Sale for 14 March 2014: The Music-Making Edition

Erez Zukerman 14-03-2014

Each week we scour current Google Play promotions and cherry-pick the best of the best. This week we have no less than three music-making apps, but also a famous tower offense title that you simply have to buy.


Because app sales are temporary affairs, by the time you read this, these may no longer be on sale. Worry not: Simply check back next week for some more Android deals!


ReLoop Loop DAW ($3.99, now $0.99)

The first of three music-making tools we’ve got today, ReLoop is a digital audio workstation that comes with three real-time effects, lets you slice and rearrange loops, allows you to snap samples to the timeline up to 1/16 resolution (or turn snapping off altogether), and lets you export WAV files. Like most such apps, it works best on a tablet.

Electrum Drum Machine/Sampler ($3.99, now $0.99)

With a simpler interface, this tablet-oriented drum machine works well for live performances. The video above shows how easy it is to jam on it. It can use either loops or one-shot samples, handle up to 16 samples, and either import samples or record fresh ones using your device’s built-in microphone.

EasyBand Studio ($6.95, now $3.99)

Our final musical tool for the day, EasyBand, is also the coolest of all three. For one thing, the video shows it running just fine on a phone (and an old one at that!). It’s not for live performances: Instead, it lets you sketch a composition just by dragging and dropping chords and parts. You can apply variants to the elements of your song: The app comes with two variants, two fills, and intro, and an ending.

CWMoney EX Expense Track ($4.99, now $1.99)

One can never have enough expense trackers, it seems. There are almost as many of these as there are to-do lists. CWMoney is one of the more established apps in the field, though. it supports multiple currencies and accounts, lets you set monthly budgets, and export your data for further analysis in Excel. It may not be very shiny, but it can sure do a lot.



Anomaly 2 ($4.99, now $1.99)

Anomaly 2 is such a landmark game, it even has its own benchmark. The benchmark is free (and you should run it on your device), but the game is not. At two bucks, though, it’s a steal. This is a tower-offense graphics with a long campaign mode, multiple unit types, and stunning graphics. If your device has muscle enough to run it, you should try it out.

The Great Fusion ($2.99, now $0.99)

A graphic adventure! Think Monkey Island in 2022. Cartoonish graphics, a somewhat morbid sense of humor, and an original soundtrack. Since this is not a port, you don’t need an emulator to play it, and it’s been designed from the ground up with touch controls in mind.

Draw a Stickman: EPIC ($1.99, now $0.99)

This games plays like a doodle that’s come to life. You draw a stick figure, draw accessories for it, and try to solve puzzles. The graphics are… distinctive, that’s for sure. Being able to draw your own protagonist gives you an unusual stake in the game, and what’s nice about it is that nobody is expecting you to be overly talented.

Tune in next week for some more great Android deals! And of course, feel free to share your finds and favorites in the comments below.


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  1. Carol E
    March 14, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    NodeBeat ( is a fun little app that can create some beautiful and complex music. Age and music ability are not important, but musicians will, I think, appreciate the advanced options available. $1.94.