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Android Apps on Sale for 5 December: Action Launcher, Star Command & SunVox

Erez Zukerman 06-12-2013

Each week we scour current Google Play promotions and cherry-pick the best of the best. This week the unique Action Launcher, Reviewed: An Android Launcher That Tries To Be Truly Different Tap tap, swipe swipe, goes your Android launcher. No matter how "unique" and "alternative" most launchers try to be, they end up looking pretty much the same. Read More Action Launcher Pro can be had at a great price, as well as a powerful great music creation tool, and a game where you get to land a space shuttle.


Because app sales are temporary affairs, by the time you read this, these may no longer be on sale. Worry not: Simply check back next week for some more Android deals!


Action Launcher Pro, ($3, now $2)

First things first: We’ve reviewed Action Launcher Action Launcher, Reviewed: An Android Launcher That Tries To Be Truly Different Tap tap, swipe swipe, goes your Android launcher. No matter how "unique" and "alternative" most launchers try to be, they end up looking pretty much the same. Read More before, and found it to be truly unique. At the time it wasn’t fully baked, but a couple of months have passed and the developer has continued creating new features. If you’re intrigued by a launcher that does things its own way, now’s a good time to get it.

SunVox, ($6, now $4)

Creating music on your Android device can be a fun way to pass the time. Of course, if you’re a serious musician you could actually use SunVox to sketch out ideas, and even export complete MIDI tracks for processing on a computer with a better and bigger sample library. SunVox is not without is learning curve, but if you enjoy making music it is looks like quite a capable app. There’s even a SoundCloud group where you can listen to music created with the app.

Weather Screen, ($3, now $1)

Here’s an interesting concept: This is a live wallpaper that animates current weather conditions on top of your selected images. Getting good results depends on you picking the right image, but it has the potential of creating a truly personalized weather forecast. You don’t have to have the perfect image, though, because the app also ships with a number of presets you could try on until you capture an image you like. Seems to work best with wide, neutral landscapes.

Math Helper, ($3.69, now $1.89)

Math is hard. Sure, you can always use a calculator, but it won’t tell you how it got to the solution. If you’re looking for an app that could help you with math homework, Math Helper seems like a solid choice. Over 600 Google Play reviews and a 4.6-star average indicate that the app’s claims hold true. In their own words, “you choose a problem, enter the conditions, and get the solution and systematic explanation.”



Star Command, ($3, now $1)

This is a retro-pixelated gem of a strategy game. A recent participant of Humble Bundle 2, Star Command can now be had for just a buck. It’s a combo of a sim and strategy game: You build a spaceship and man it, and then run into conflicts with ruthless alien enemies. It also includes some mini games, just for variety’s sake. Note that the game seems to suffer some crash issues on certain devices (judging by recent Play Store reviews), so if you do get it, test it right away before you 15-minute window is up.

The Lords of Midnight, ($4.49, now $1)

This is not a new game. In fact, it might have come out before some of our readers were even born: 1984. Winner of “Best Strategy Game of 1984,” or so the video claims. If Star Command’s pixelated graphics are pseudo-retro, this is the real deal right here. Very much an acquired taste, but if you hanker for the games of yore, this is a good chance to get it at a very steep discount. Note that this isn’t just an emulated game – it’s actually a remake for Android.

F-Sim Space Shuttle, ($4, now $1)

And one last piece of retro goodness, but not in the common sense. Rather than control pixelated warriors, you get to fly a vessel that is now officially a piece of spaceflight history. The days of the space shuttle are long gone, but you could keep its memory alive by practicing landings on your Android device. Note that this is just for landings — you won’t get to practice a launch, but just the end of the way back to Earth.

Tune in next week for some more great Android deals! And of course, feel free to share your finds and favorites in the comments below.


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