Amazon’s Top 10 Customer Reviewers Help You Make Buying Decisions

Bakari Chavanu 18-10-2010

<firstimage=”//” />customer reviewsAmazon has become the super mall of many Internet users.  The mammoth online store is no longer limited to selling books. Everything from clothing apparel to outdoor recreation items are sold from 10-30% or more of the retail price.


And to help customers make informed buying decisions, Amazon has hundreds of customers who are extremely prolific reviewers and are recognized for helping millions of their fellow customers make informed purchase decisions on . There’s even a page dedicated to the top customer reviewers for Amazon.

So let’s learn a little about Amazon’s top ranking reviewers. The new reviewer rankings are largely based upon among other factors the percentage of positive votes reviewers receive from fellow Amazon customers who found their reviews helpful.

Each reviewer has an RSS feed so that you can follow their posts.

A. Chandler

amazon customer reviews

The number one viewer is A.Chandler who has written to date 414 reviews, and has received 97% of the helpful votes. She reviews varied items including kitchen appliances, electronic gadgets, beauty products, and exercise DVDs. Her interest tags include technology, cooking, art, decorating, fitness, painting, photography, and pet related items.


Joanna Daneman

Amazon's Top 10 Customer Reviewers Help You Make Buying Decisions Daneman

Joanna Deneman has written 2,201 reviews also on varied subjects as art, Photoshop, digital photography, health and knitting books. She has also developed fourteen Listmania lists on subjects like Sleeping Without Drugs, Teaching Kids to Knit, and Wild for Watercolor. She has received 40,553 helpful votes.

A. Dent

Amazon's Top 10 Customer Reviewers Help You Make Buying Decisions Dent

A. Dent has written 1, 038 product reviews and has received 13,327 helpful votes for reviews of mainly computer accessories (e.g. gaming mouse) and home items (e.g. iron teapot.) He has reviewed several Blackberry devices, as well as numerous books.


Beth Cholette

Amazon's Top 10 Customer Reviewers Help You Make Buying Decisions Cholette

Not only has Beth Cholette written 1,563 product reviews, she’s also put together 32 Listmania Lists on subjects such as Helpful Yoga DVDs, Quirky Books, Great 80s Pop Music, and Top 25 Simpsons Episodes. She writes reviews on a wide variety of fiction genres, mainstream thrillers (e.g. Stephen King and Dean Koontz), exercise books and products, and movies. She as received 18,848 helpful votes.

Timothy B. Riley

Amazon's Top 10 Customer Reviewers Help You Make Buying Decisions TimothyRiley

Timothy Riley has written 329 reviews. In his own words he calls himself the “gadget-guy,” and his product reviews focus mainly cooking and kitchen items. He’s also put together Listmania Lists on Toys and Tools for the Beginning Geocacher, Recommending Items for the Frequent Traveler, and Great Gifts for Fathers. He has received 4,497 helpful votes.


J Scott Morrison

Amazon's Top 10 Customer Reviewers Help You Make Buying Decisions Riley

A retired physician and student of classical music, J Scott Morrison has written 2,202 reviews on classical music related items, including of course albums, DVDs, and books. Among the top reviewers his reviews are the most focused on a particular topic. He has received 20,551 helpful votes, and has created 13 Listmania Lists.


Amazon's Top 10 Customer Reviewers Help You Make Buying Decisions 31 N9OO7rqL

Calling himself, “calvinnme,” this reviewer has written 1,767 reviews and has received 26,363 helpful votes. You might want to follow calvinnme if you’re interested in classical and early cinema DVDs, such as the Elia Kazan Collection, movies starring Humphrey Bogart, the 1946 film noir classic, The Verdict. He also writes reviews on software development books.



customer reviews

Mark has written 593 customer reviews at Amazon on varied items such as electronic gadgets, games, fiction and non-fiction books, music, and movies. He’s also developed 22 Listmania Lists, including Best Low Cost Value Headphones, Nintendo DS Lite Unites and Bundles, and MP3 Players for Around $150 or Less. He has received 16,831 helpful votes.

NLee the Engineer

customer reviews

By comparison to other reviewers, NLee the Engineer”˜s reviews are very modest, but for his 201 reviews he has received 12,894 helpful votes. He writes mainly about gadgets like rechargeable batteries, flash drives, and memory cards.

z hayes

customer reviews

A self-proclaimed book addict and graduate student, z hayes has written 1,976 reviews on children’s DVDs, literary fiction thrillers, history books, biographers, and memoirs, and assorted DVDs.

All these reviewers are also Amazon Vine Reviewers How to Become an Amazon Vine Reviewer & Get Free Stuff An Amazon program that's been around since 2007 might make you think twice about the power of good reviews. It's also an opportunity to get picked up for the program. Find out more here. Read More which entitles them to receive free products in exchange for customer reviews.

Let us know if you’re a big user of and how use it to make buying decisions.

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