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Amazon Stops Taking Orders From Dash Buttons

Dave Parrack 06-08-2019

Amazon is killing off its Dash buttons. Having already stopped selling them earlier this year, Amazon is now set to stop taking orders placed using its physical Dash buttons. Which means you have until August 31, 2019 to place an order using your Dash buttons.


What Is Amazon Dash and How Does It Work?

Amazon Dash is an effort to simplify the ordering process. You would purchase a physical button tied to a brand, and place it somewhere convenient. Then, when you run out of that item, you would simply press the Amazon Dash button to order it from Amazon.

Amazon launched Dash in 2015, and the buttons soon caught on. Since then, people have used them to order all manner of branded items. However, in March 2019, Amazon stopped selling physical Dash buttons Amazon Stops Selling Physical Dash Buttons Amazon is no longer selling physical Dash buttons, but will continue to support Dash buttons already out in the wild. Read More , and now it’s stopping accepting orders from them.

Amazon Ends Support for Dash Buttons

When Amazon stopped selling its physical Dash buttons it said it would continue supporting existing buttons. Unfortunately, six months on, and that’s no longer the case. So, from August 31, customers will no longer be able to place orders using Dash buttons.

According to CNET, Amazon claims usage of Dash buttons “has significantly slowed” in recent months. Hence Amazon ending support for physical Dash buttons. The company also claims other ways of ordering, including Virtual Dash buttons, provide other options.


Virtual Dash buttons do the same thing as their physical counterparts, but without the physical element. Instead of sitting next to the toilet or washing machine, Virtual Dash buttons live in the Amazon app, allowing you to order items in an instant.

To be fair, Virtual Dash buttons make infinitely more sense than their physical counterparts. However, this isn’t going to help appease Dash button users upset that Amazon is ending support for their method of ordering household essentials.

Other Ways to Use Amazon Dash Buttons

So, if you’re currently using physical Amazon Dash buttons they’ll stop working on August 31, 2019. At which point you’ll have to either switch to using Virtual Dash buttons or use Alexa Shopping to order items by barking orders at your Amazon Echo.

And what about those physical Dash buttons that are now useless? You could recycle them, or, if you’re the more adventurous type into tinkering, you could always try one of these Amazon Dash hacks What Is Amazon Dash? And 6 of the Best Hacks You Should Know Wondering what Amazon Dash Buttons do, and looking for the best Dash Button hacks? Here's an introduction to these devices, plus the best hacks for them. Read More and hope they still work after Amazon ends support.

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