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Amazon Shopping For Twitter, Lenovo Chromebooks, Secret Apple EarPods [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 06-05-2014

Today in Tech News Digest, #AmazonCart shopping on Twitter, Lenovo Chromebooks, new DuckDuckGo, Apple EarPods hoax, Rakesh Agrawal tweets, Oculus Rift MMO, Amplitude remake, and Star Wars auditions.


#AmazonCart Lets You Shop On Twitter

Twitter may well be flatlining Twitter Is Flatlining, Firefox 29 Is Radical, MacBook Air Is Cheaper [Tech News Digest] Twitter flatlines, Firefox updates, MacBook Air cheapens, Xbox One lands, Udacity expands, and Vsauce measures. Read More , but that isn’t stopping companies building new features designed with the social networking site in mind. Amazon is the latest company to do so, launching #AmazonCart (#AmazonBasket in the UK).

#AmazonCart is a simple idea that allows anyone who has linked their Amazon and Twitter accounts to shop via Twitter. You simply reply to any tweet containing a link to a product you’re interested in using ‘#AmazonCart‘, and it’s added to your shopping basket.

You don’t actually complete the transaction through Twitter, meaning you still have a chance to confirm or retract the purchase later when logged in on Amazon. #AmazonCart effectively makes Twitter a virtual window shopping experience. Which may be bad news for the most serious shopaholics The MakeUseOf Online Shopping Guide Learn how to hunt sales and use the latest websites and tools to do online shopping the right way. Read More out there.

Lenovo Unveils New Chromebooks

Lenovo has unveiled two new Chromebooks, its first aimed at mainstream consumers. The n20 and n20p are identical apart from the touchscreen on the n20p rotating 300 degrees to make it more accessible for people who prefer tablets to laptops Which Is Best for Productivity: A High-End Tablet Or a Cheap Laptop? How does a cheap laptop compare to an expensive tablet when it comes to actually working on a daily basis? Read More .

Both Lenovo Chromebooks feature 11.6-inch screens, Intel Celeron processors, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of SSD storage. The non-rotating n20 is due for release in July (priced at $279), while the n20p will arrive a month later in August (priced at $329).


Try Out The New DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo 6 Cool DuckDuckGo Features You Won't Find on Google In a world ruled by Google, at least where search is concerned, it’s sometimes hard to imagine a worthy alternative. DuckDuckGo is one website that is trying to offer such an alternative. If you’ve been... Read More , a search engine offering a privacy-infused alternative to Google, is undergoing a major redesign. The new version will become the default over the next month, but users keen to experience new features including images, places, and auto-suggest can try the beta now at

The Apple EarPods Were Just A Hoax

The Apple EarPods that were covered by the tech press and mainstream press alike turn out to have been nothing but a hoax. The rumor that Apple was working on headphones “with sensors in them, for heart rate & blood pressure” began with an anonymous post on Secret and spread like wildfire.

The person responsible for starting the rumor has come clean via Tumblr, apologizing for being “an accidental troll” and promising to “think twice from now on about what I say online.

There remains a slight chance that this is an Apple employee covering their tracks, but there is no real evidence that anything like the Apple EarPods is in development. Which is unfortunate as it’s a cracking idea.


Rakesh Agrawal Is Tweeting Like Mad

Something rather strange is currently happening with Rakesh Agrawal on Twitter. The former PayPal exec began by insulting co-workers before expanding his hit list to include most of Silicon Valley. He’s now talking of building a new company that will “change the world,” while dropping hints at some bigger story being behind it all.

No one seems to know what is going on here, but PayPal President David Marcus has suggested, “if you’re a close friend of Rocky’s and you’re out there, I’d strongly suggest getting to him sooner rather than later, as his behavior is extremely worrisome.” Which is probably not a bad idea.

Oculus Eyes One-Billion Person MMO

Oculus VR wants to build a truly epic MMO. This is according to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe, who told attendees at TechCrunch Disrupt, “This is going to be an MMO where we want to put a billion people in VR.” Unfortunately, such an effort is “going to take a bigger network than exists in the world today,” which may explain why Oculus VR decided to sell out to Facebook Facebook Bought Oculus: Is VR Dead Before It Began? What happens when the little guy that everyone loves to rally behind gets sucked up into an evil corporation and becomes rich? A veritable storm of writhing anger, apparently. Read More . In addition to the filthy lucre, of course.

Harmonix Is Remaking Amplitude

Rock Band developer Harmonix wants to remake Amplitude, its own cult classic game from 2003. In order to bring this reboot to life on the next-gen consoles, the developer is seeking $775,000 via a Kickstarter campaign. Harmonix is also working on a musical first-person shooter called Chroma Google Logins, Harmonix Chroma, Spotify IPO, Pokemon Twitch [Tech News Digest] Google acquires SlickLogin, Dropbox unblocked in China, Rock Band creator's shooter, Spotify prepares IPO, Back To The Future Power Laces possible, Twitch Plays Pokemon is pure madness, and return your VHS video rentals. Read More .


Star Wars Cantina Band Auditions

And finally, while Star Wars 10 Twitter Accounts All Star Wars Fans Should Follow In October 2012 Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the production company primarily known for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. For a fraction over $4 billion, Disney therefore landed the Star Wars franchise, and promptly announced... Read More parodies don’t count as tech news, the geek is strong with this one. With production already underway on the first film in the new Star Wars trilogy, CollegeHumor set out to audition musicians to be in the iconic Cantina Band. And by musicians we mean proper musicians such as Ben Folds, Reggie Watts, and Weird Al Yankovic. Just watch it already.

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  1. Don Gateley
    May 6, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    Claiming it a hoax or not, there is this and the patent has been granted.

    I think Apple is in track covering mode.