How to Create an Amazon Baby Registry That Everyone Loves

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When that little bundle of joy is on the way, you cannot help but browse for baby items. From tiny booties to cute onesies to the Cadillac of strollers, it can be so much fun. But as your due date grows closer, your friends and family are likely asking what they should buy for the baby.


Say hello to the Amazon Baby Registry.

With convenience, variety, and ease-of-use, the Baby Registry from Amazon is the perfect place to create your “Baby Needs This” list.

A Bundle of Benefits

Do you have faraway friends who want to send you a gift? Is your family planning a physical baby shower? Are your coworkers pitching in on one big present? The Amazon Baby Registry is a handy shopping solution for all these situations.

amazon baby registry main

Add anything from to your list. Maybe you would like a CD of lullabies or a book of bedtime stories. These types of products can be added to your registry along with items like diapers and bottles. And with the variety of products available on Amazon, you can get the essentials you need all from one spot.


Take advantage of the Completion Discount. This benefit provides a one-time discount on certain items remaining on your registry. You can redeem it 60 days before your due date and only you, as the registrant, can receive it. You will get a 10 percent discount, but if you are an Amazon Prime Which Amazon Prime Subscription Is Right for You? Potential subscribers formerly only had one option when it came to Amazon Prime. However, now, Amazon is offering three different subscription plans so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Read More Member, you can receive up to 15 percent off.

amazon baby registry benefits

Your senders get discounts too. Just like when purchasing regular merchandise for themselves, your senders can receive discounted shipping for your registry items. Free Super Saver Shipping is available on orders over a specific dollar amount and express shipping for Amazon Prime Members may also apply. Your senders just need to check the items for shipping eligibility and restrictions.

Enjoy a universal registry. If you have ever used the Amazon 1-Button App browser extension to add products to your Wish List, you can do the same for your registry. For example, maybe you found the exact car seat you want on a site other than Just click that little button and add it to your Amazon Baby Registry. If you do not already have it, this convenient tool is available for most browsers.


A Flurry of Features

Now that you know the benefits of creating an Amazon Baby Registry, it’s time to move onto those fun features. With a simple setup, checklist to get you started, helpful ideas, and registry sharing options, you will be filling up the nursery with goodies in no time.

Baby Registry Settings

When you first create your baby registry, you will enter basic details such as name, email address, and due date. But after the registry is created, you can adjust additional settings to tailor it to you and your little one.

Select Registry Settings from the top of your registry and pop open the About You section to verify your basic information. Then, head down to the About Your Baby section.

amazon baby registry about your baby


Here you can enter the baby’s name and gender if you like or just leave everything as a surprise. You can also adjust your due date and choose if this is your first baby as well as if you are having multiples. Next, add a nice greeting for your friends and family to see when they visit your registry. The greeting is a terrific way to welcome your registry guests and thank them in advance for visiting.

Finally, open the Registry Settings section. You can choose gift and email options and enter a baby shower date if you have one. In the Who can see your registry? area, you must choose from Public, Shared, or Private and each displays a brief description.

amazon baby registry settings

Your registry settings can be changed at any time. Just remember to click the Save Changes button when you are finished.


The Starter Checklist

It can be tough for new parents to think of every, single item that they will need for their baby. And even those who are expecting their second or third child can benefit from the registry’s handy checklist feature.

amazon baby registry checklist

The checklist takes you through categories of baby items. Browse and add products for bath time, diapering, feeding, health and safety 8 Tech Products to Keep Your Baby Room (and Baby) Safe and Secure Bringing baby home can be a scary experience, but these ten tech products can provide you with much-needed peace of mind about the safety and security of your home. Read More , and decorating the nursery. This is a great way to make sure you have what you and your baby need every day. The checklist is displayed on your main registry page, so you can jump right in.

Ideas and Inspiration

At the top of your registry, you will see a link to the Ideas and Inspiration section. Here, you can check out additional checklists for bargains and grandparents, see the most popular products, and browse brand or video guides.

amazon baby registry ideas

So if you are interested in which video monitor is on most people’s registries or how to pick out the right crib, this is a helpful section to visit.

Add Items Easily

Once you create your baby registry, adding items to it could not be simpler. When you land on a product description page, just click the Add to Baby Registry button on the right. Just remember to choose options such as size or color first.

amazon baby registry add edit

If you would like to edit items you have added, just click the Edit link listed for the item. You can then adjust the priority, category, and quantity as well as include comments.

Sharing Options

Amazon’s Baby Registry offers convenient sharing options. These are displayed at the top of your list of registry items. You can share a link to your registry with friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, or via email. Your registry setting for visibility must be set to Public or Shared to display these Share With Friends options.

amazon baby registry email share box

Most people assume that expectant parents will create and share a baby registry. But if you prefer to go a different route for sharing, other than the built-in features, here are a couple of suggestions.

  • Create an ecard. Maybe you would like to send a cute ecard to your friends and family announcing your new addition. Pop open the email icon from the Share With Friends option, copy the link provided for your registry, and then insert it into the ecard you create.
  • Include it in your shower invitations. If your friends or family are throwing you a baby shower and mailing invitations, they can write that you are registered with Amazon Baby Registry. Then, set your visibility setting to Public and others can search for your registry. They just click the Gift Cards & Registry option in the navigation and select Baby Registry to start their search.

amazon baby registry search

The Thank You List

You will notice a link to Thank You List & Returns in your registry navigation. If you want to start those Thank You cards early or need to return something from the registry, this is where you will go.

amazon baby registry thank you list

Just keep in mind that this area contains items that are being purchased along the way. So, if you are still adding products to your registry and do not want to know who has bought what so far, you may want to hold off on visiting this section.

Helpful Tips and Details

  • To access your Amazon Baby Registry, select Account & Lists from the top navigation. Under Your Lists, click Baby Registry.
  • You, your friends, and your family can access your registry from the Amazon mobile app.
  • You cannot track items purchased by others from your registry. Only purchasers can track the packages.
  • To delete a registry you no longer need, return to the Baby Registry Settings section and click the Delete your registry button at the bottom.
  • For additional information or questions, click the Baby Registry FAQ from the top of your registry.

amazon baby registry faq

Prepare to Welcome Your Little One

If you are an expectant parent 10 Baby Websites To Help Expecting Parents Read More , whether birth or adoption, the Amazon Baby Registry is a super way to pick out baby items. You can browse an enormous selection of products, receive discounts, share your registry with loved ones, and reduce the risk of receiving duplicate items.

Are you ready to sign up or have a friend or family member who is? Let us know what you think about the process and overall experience of Amazon’s Baby Registry.

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