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Ditch the Babysitter: 15 Amazon Alexa Skills for Kids

Brent Dirks 27-02-2018

Amazon Alexa isn’t just for mom and dad anymore.


The popular voice-controllable assistant continues to become more popular and expand its reach to more devices—including the Amazon Echo line of speakers. While the number of form factors has grown, so has the number of apps, also known as skills.

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Currently, there are more than 20,000 skills available, ranging from ordering a pizza to playing a round of Jeopardy!

Your kids can even join in on the fun with a whole host of different family-friendly games, educational skills, and much more. We’re highlighting 15 of the coolest Amazon Alexa skills for kids.

To enable any of these skills, you can just say “Alexa, enable [skill name]” or use the Alexa app for Android or iOS devices. You can also enable skills on the Alexa skills portal.


1. Amazon Storytime

amazon alexa skills commands for kids

Just say “Alexa, ask Amazon Storytime to read me a story.”

Perfect for kids 5-12, the Amazon Storytime is a fun treat right before bed or anytime during the day. The skill features specially curated stories from both the Amazon Rapids app and a selection of Audible short stories and offer professional narration.

2. Kids Court

Just say “Alexa, open Kids Court.”


It’s not exactly Judge Wapner and “The People’s Court,” but this skill can help settle some basic squabbles and even help teach a little about the judicial system in the United States. With Judge Lexy leading Kids Court, there is a prosecutor and defendant. After both sides make their case, the judge will make a ruling and even offer a fun and wacky verdict.

3. Highlights Magazine

Just say “Alexa, ask Highlights to tell me a brain teaser.”

The timeless Highlights Magazine has even made its way to Alexa with its very own skill. Kids can tackle fun brain teasers, play a poem, listen to a family story, and more. Goofus and Gallant even make an appearance to show the right and wrong way to tackle a situation. This is not only a fun Alexa skill for kids, but an educational one, too.

4. Animal Workout

Just say “Alexa, open Animal Workout.”


Kids can have fun and get some exercise as well with Animal Workout. With some fun sound effects, kids can become a number of animals like an ape, dog, bear, elephant, and even tyrannosaurs rex. There are specific exercises while kids imagine that they are one of the fun animals. This should definitely keep the kids moving and away from other less appropriate entertainment sources YouTube Targets Inappropriate Videos for Kids YouTube is taking steps to tackle the problem of inappropriate or exploitative videos aimed at children. But it's a huge issue that won't be resolved overnight. Read More .

5. Silly Lingo

Just say “Alexa, ask Silly Lingo to say ‘fake news’ in pig latin.”

Alexa can help kids learn a “foreign” language with Silly Lingo. Kids will definitely get a kick out of asking Alexa to say phrases in either Pig Latin or gibberish. They can also find out how to say a phrase or sentence in Pig Latin.

6. Sesame Street

amazon alexa skills commands for kids


Just say “Alexa, ask Sesame Street to call Elmo.”

Elmo is just an Alexa command away with the Sesame Street skill. Everyone’s favorite furry red monster is ready to tell younger children about all the things he is learning about and even the letter of the day. Younger learners can even call Elmo and play hide and seek with him.

7. See Say

Just say “Alexa, start See Say and give me a fact.”

Another classic toy, the See and Say, is making its way to Alexa. See Say sports 34 different animal sounds and more than 280 facts. All of the sounds are really great, and range far beyond the usual run-of-the-mill animals with options like bald eagle and toucan.

8. The Finder Game for Kids

Just say “Alexa, open the Finder Game.”

As the name suggests, kids will have to race around the house to find specific items that Alexa requests with a countdown timer. It’s another simple way for kids to have fun and burn off some energy.

9. Science Kid Radio

Just say “Alexa, play Science Kid Radio.”

Alexa skills aren’t just for play. Perfect for kids 6-12, Science Kid Radio offers some of the best science podcasts for kids from great sources like NPR. Some of the selections include “The Show About Science,” hosted by adorable seven-year-old Nate.

10. Picture Guesser

amazon alexa skills commands for kids

Just say “Alexa, play Picture Guesser.”

Only for the touchscreen-enabled Echo Show How to Set Up and Use Your Amazon Echo Show Just purchased a new Amazon Echo Show? Here's a step-by-step guide for everything you need to know to get it set up and working perfectly! Read More , Picture Guesser is a fun visual game for kids and even adults. To start, you’ll see an image covered in tiles with numbers. You’ll try to remove as few of titles as possible before correctly guessing the image. Solving a puzzle will unlock other images and help you earn coins.

11. Silly Things

Just say “Alexa, ask Silly Things to tell me to do something silly.”

If kids ever run out of ways to be silly, the Silly Things skill can save the day. Some of the fun tasks include acting like a fish out of water, doing a silly dance, and more.

12. Freeze Dancers

Just say “Alexa, open Freeze Dancers.”

Another way for kids to shake off some energy, Freeze Dancers can go on and on. Alexa will tell kids a fun way to dance and then they’ll have to freeze when the music stops. If they don’t, they’re out until the next round.

13. Mighty Trivia

Just say “Alexa, open Mighty Trivia.”

Trivia games aren’t just for adults, and this is sure to be a popular Alexa skill for kids. Mighty Trivia takes both speed and difficulty into account when playing. There are three different levels of difficulty with a large number of different questions to tackle. Alexa pretends to be an object, person, place, or animal. Kids will ask for a hint or take a guess. There are five hints per question, and they’ll have two guesses. Top scores worldwide can even be seen on the game’s official site.

14. Bed Jumpers

Just say “Alexa, tell Bed Jumpers monkeys are jumping.”

Kids can take the fun nursery rhyme Five Little Monkeys to a new level with Bed Jumpers. Your child can tell the skill what they want jumping on the bed—everything from another type of animal to a pair of pants or a chair. Between each verse, Alexa will ask how many things remain jumping on the bed.

15. The Queen’s Mathematician

Just say “Alexa, open The Queen’s Mathematician.”

Math games 10 Free Math Games Your Kids Should Be Playing The mere mention of the word "mathematics" is enough to strike fear into the hearts of adults around the world. Which is why children need to be engaged with maths from a young age. Read More don’t have to be boring. In the Queen’s Mathematician, elves have made off with the Tree Queen. And kids will need to use their best math skills to help unlock the charms that are keeping her hidden. Perfect for kids 6-8, players will use basic math facts, solve word problems, and even increase their vocabulary skills.

Amazon Alexa Is Fun for Kids

The sky is the limit for kids looking to have some fun with Amazon Alexa just like mom and dad. And as the number of skills continues to grow, most kids should definitely be able to find something right up their alley.

What are your favorite Alexa skills for kids? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: CroMary/Depositphotos

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