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Altec Lansing Reveals a Suite of Fresh Audio Products at CES 2020

Ben Stegner 10-01-2020

Audio company Altec Lansing had plenty to show off at CES 2020, including several new Bluetooth audio products. We took a look at the company’s booth during CES 2020, and a few of the new devices particularly stood out to us.


First up are the Nano Pods, which offer a compact true wireless earbud experience. The buds and case are both tiny, allowing them to easily fit in a pocket or purse. They offer four hours of use on each charge, with the included case powering them for an additional 16 hours.

The Nano Pods are available in a range of cool colors, allowing you to match your style. In case of a sudden rain shower, they pack IPX5 water resistance. They will be available later in 2020 and cost somewhere in the under-$50 price range.


Moving on from earbuds, Altec Lansing also had several new Bluetooth speakers to show off. The most impressive in its Everything-Proof Party Speakers line is the IMT810 Remix. Like all the existing Everything-Proof devices, this is totally resistant to water, dust, and other elements. 

This beast of a speaker packs a few features that help separate it from others. On the top of the speaker is a removable compartment where you can store any device you want to keep out of the elements, like your smartphone. The front has a slot for storing your phone, with an included strap for keeping it safe.



The speaker itself offers 18 hours of battery life, plus Qi charging to keep your phone topped up. Even cooler, the wireless pairing feature lets you pair two of these speakers together for even better sound.

Expect to see it around Q2 2020. The price is to be determined, but will be under $250.

Altec Lansing had lots more to show off in the audio department, including a new line of affordable active noise cancelling headphones, sports-focused earbuds, and smaller Bluetooth speakers. Anyone in the market for something new in this sphere should keep an eye on the company’s releases over the new few months.

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