Alphabetimals: A Simple Way To Teach Your Kids Alphabet
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Are you looking for a fun yet effective way to teach your kids different alphabets? If yes, Alphabetimals is an amazing website to teach your kids about alphabets and animals at the same time – that’s where the word “alphabeti-mals” has been derived from.

teach kids alphabet

Alphabetimals is a website which teaches your children alphabets, while giving the example of an animal with that letter. For example: e for elephant.

The website also gives you the option to listen to the sounds of the animals. Your child will not only learn his ABC, but also animals and their pronounciation and noise.

There is also a fun alphabetimal typer down the website, which writes your words in the “alphabetimal characters” (each character symbolized by its respective animal).


  • Free to use.
  • Fun and educational at the same time.
  • Kids learn their ABCDs and about animals at the same time.
  • Interactive and colorful site makes learning easier.

Check out Alphabetimals @

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