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Alexa Can Now Play Baby-Making Music for You

Dave Parrack 04-08-2017

Alexa is now capable of playing music based on different activities or states of mind. Which means you can ask Alexa to “play music for getting pumped up” or to “play music for meditation”. You can even ask Alexa to “play baby-making jazz music”. Which means exactly what you think it means.


There are lots of streaming music services to choose from How to Pick the Best Music Streaming Service for You Do you use a music streaming service? If so, how do you know you're using the best one for you personally? Read More , all of which offer similar things. However, Spotify excels at recommending music based on genres, moods, and feelings. Amazon is taking a leaf out of Spotify’s book, giving Alexa the ability to play music based on “activities”.

Play Music to Match Your Activities

Over the past few months Amazon has been testing Alexa’s ability to recommend music based on specific keywords. The company has taken requests from users, and as a result has built a library of 500 different activity utterances Alexa can recognize. Including the aforementioned “baby-making”.

There is no master list of activities Alexa will recognize, so there is an element of trial and error involved here. But we do know that “falling asleep,” working out,” and “hooking up” are all terms Alexa can now recognize. As well as all of the other activities mentioned above.

Alexa’s new skillset is available right now. All you need to make use of it is an Alexa-enabled device and access to either Prime Music or Music Unlimited Amazon Music Unlimited vs. Prime Music: What's the Difference? In this article, we take a look at Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited to help you determine which one is right for you. Read More . While “baby-making” is the star attraction we’d love to know what other activities you get Alexa to recognize. Keep it clean!

Please Turn Video Calling Off First!

This feature should bolster the reputations of Prime Music and Music Unlimited. One word of warning though… if you own an Echo Show Seeing Is Believing: The Amazon Echo Show Review Does a voice assistant speaker really need a touchscreen? The $230 Amazon Echo Show certainly makes a compelling case, with video flash briefing skills, song lyrics, and on-demand streaming of supported security cameras. Read More make sure you turn video calling off before you play any baby-making music. Or your mom could drop-in unannounced and get the shock of her life.


Do you use either Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited? Do you own an Alexa-enabled device? If so, can you see yourself asking Alexa to play music to suit your current activity? Even if that involves making babies? Please let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Johnny Silvercloud via Flickr

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