AgoraPulse: The Right Tools To Effectively Manage Your Facebook Page [20 Free Accounts]

Umar 08-05-2012

Facebook pages of companies and brands often get hundreds of thousands of likes from fans. This obviously means a lot of page activity and Facebook notifications. For the person who is assigned the task of managing that page, the job becomes a lot more difficult. The page experiences activity through the day and it is all hard to keep up with. A tool that efficiently helps to manage Facebook pages is therefore required. AgoraPulse is precisely that tool.


AgoraPulse: The Right Tools To Effectively Manage Your Facebook Page [20 Free Accounts] Message

AgoraPulse offers numerous Facebook page management tools that help you stay on top of things. Using this service, you can not only stay updated about the page activity, but also engage your page audience in newer ways.

One of the tools offered by AgoraPulse includes the scheduling of posts; while you cannot remain online all the time, it is best to schedule Facebook page posts at different times of the day; this helps you to reach your audience who are online at different times. Another feature is comments notification; Facebook page owners already know that the comments notification is unreliable and often some comments are missed; with this service you can choose to get instant, hourly, or daily email notifications about comments posted on your page.

Moderation is also made easier, thanks to AgoraPulse; post approvals and the ability to flag and tag posts is made much easier and clearer than Facebook’s native options.



Your page stats are presented in a much clearer way than how Facebook shows them. The stats page helps you quickly extract the information you are looking for.


To help you engage with your audience in better ways, AgoraPulse lets you hold exciting contests, quizzes, and sweepstakes on your page.

This service is a paid one and its plans range from $9 per month to $99 per month, depending on the package you choose. Fortunately, the site’s developers have offered MakeUseOf users 20 Bronze accounts for free; these accounts will be given on first come first served basis. To get the account use code “makeuseof” during the sign up process. The code is valid for 20 accounts.


It is very simple to get started: Simply visit, subscribe to a Bronze plan, enter the code “makeuseof”, name, credit card details and the invoice will be set to “$0”. It will remain at $0 for 6 months. The account can be canceled at any time.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you better manager your Facebook page.
  • Offers post scheduling.
  • Shows better page stats.
  • Lets you easily hold quizzes and contests on your page.

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