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AGFA Realipix Square S: Instant Selfie Printing With a Retro Vibe

Gavin Phillips 10-09-2019

AGFA Photo brought a strong hand to IFA 2019, displaying the Realipix Square S amongst other instant print cameras and social network focused printers.


The Realipix Square S is a retro-styled instant print 2-in-1 camera. It shoots with a 10-megapixel camera, which it then turns into a stylish 3×3 photo. The Square S also features a 1.7″ LCD screen that you can use to navigate settings.

AGFA has stepped up the instant print process for this new hardware range. The introduction of a 4-pass print process layers the ink onto the image, adding a new color layer with each pass. The Square S also uses dye sublimation printing to give the instant print photo a protective coating. The protective coating makes the freshly printed image dry to touch, waterproof, and extremely long-lasting with limited color fading.

agfa realipix s square printing

While the Realipix Square S has no onboard memory, you can link your smartphone to the instant print camera via Bluetooth and the official AGFA Photo app. Once you connect the app to your camera, you can select images on your smartphone to send for instant printing. The app also allows you to touch images up, create small collages, add filters, and adjust a basic range of levels before hitting print.

At the current time, each photo will cost around 67¢. The introduction of larger replacement printing paper packs will help decrease cost over time.


agfa realipix s square rear view

The introduction of a new range of instant print cameras latches on to the feeling that, although smartphones enable us to capture every moment from every angle, the physical connection to those captures is diminishing. Unless you head to your local printing shop with any frequency, I’m sure you have a photo roll with thousands of images spanning several years. Indeed, before traveling to IFA 2019, I finally cleared my smartphone memory of images because they were taking up a whopping 55GB—stretching back to early 2017.

AGFA’s Realipix Square S gives you the chance to print those selfies and cat pictures as soon as you snap them. But you can also hand out a precious picture to family members or friends to keep that lasting memory alive. The AGFA app is decent enough, but more than one member of the MakeUseOf team found connecting to the camera and printing tricky, at least the first time around.

All in all, AGFA could be on to a winner here, especially given the rest of the Realipix range hitting stores and online retailers.

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  1. Dr. Michael W. Ecker
    September 15, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    Hey, since you don't seem to mention pricing at all, why not review Ferraris, Maseratis, private airplanes, supercomputers over $100,000, and so on.

    People read reviews sometimes for information generally, but as often for buying information. If you review brand X and brand Y and fine X better without disclosing that X costs two or three times as much, suddenly your service becomes more of a disservice.

    So, if you don't know price or can't disclose it or whatever, please do say so.