Agastaya: Remotely Access & Retrieve Data From Your Android Phone
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Have you ever tried finding your phone by calling it, only to remember that your phone is on Silent? At times like these, one wishes to be able to perform numerous little functions on the phone remotely like exiting the phone from Silent mode. Here to let you do this and many other such tasks remotely on your phone is an app called Agastaya.

get data from your android phone

Agastaya is a free to use phone application that lets you perform numerous useful tasks on your phone remotely. The app helps you access and retrieve data from your phone. For example, you can get contact information, call logs, phone IMEI number, SIM number, and SMS logs from your phone remotely. You can also change your phone’s profile e.g. exit it from the Silent mode by sending a text on it so you can call the phone, hear it ring, and find it; conversely, you can set your phone to Silent mode.


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