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Aereo Supreme Court, Netflix Price Rise, Samsung Innovation, Han Solo Rug [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 22-04-2014

Today in Tech News Digest, Aereo lands in court, Netflix promises price rises, Reddit tampers with technology, the Samsung Innovation Museum, Amazon loves Goodreads, and Han Solo in Carbonite gets his own rug.


Aereo Fights For Life In Supreme Court

After several years of legal wrangling and contradictory rulings over its status, Aereo has made it to the United States Supreme Court. The case against Aereo, as brought by a consortium of broadcasters, will now be heard by the highest federal court in the U.S.

Aereo is a New York-based company disrupting the traditional cable television business model. It works by leasing a remote television antenna to each customer. This enables Aereo to stream (almost) live broadcast television programming to a customer’s devices over the Internet.

The broadcasters trying to halt Aereo from operating claim the service infringes on their copyrights thanks to the streams being public performances. Aereo insists that employing a separate antenna for each customer means these aren’t public performances and therefore retransmission consent isn’t necessary.

Aereo has been operating in New York for over two years, with a number of major U.S. cities now covered by the service. During that time Aereo won in Federal Court and the Second Circuit appeal.

The Supreme Court will now decide the ultimate fate of Aereo and, as a consequence, the traditional business model of the TV industry inside the United States. Making the outcome an important one for all those seeking to cut the cable cord Cut That Cord! How to Ditch Cable If you've read about the cord-cutting phenomenon but aren't sure where to start, this is a guide to cutting the cord and ditching cable TV for good... Read More .


Netflix Raising Streaming Prices

Netflix is planning on increasing its streaming prices by $1 to $2 dollars in the U.S. and possibly beyond. Only new subscribers will be affected for “a generous time period,” but eventually everyone will be asked to pay more for Netflix.

This news was revealed in the first-quarter earnings letter sent to shareholders [No Longer Available] [PDF link]. The letter also showed revenues of $1.07 billion for the quarter, and total subscribers numbers of 48.35 million (35.61 million of whom are in the U.S.). That’s a lot of people to annoy with a price increase.

Reddit Dumps Technology Subreddit

Reddit has removed the /r/technology subreddit from its homepage, where it formerly held one of the prized positions as a default subreddit. The reason for its demotion is a convoluted story which involved moderators effectively banning certain keywords including “National Security Agency,” “Anonymous,” “Bitcoin,” “Snowden,” and “net neutrality.” The BBC has all the details.

Samsung Innovation Museum Opens

Samsung has opened the doors of the Samsung Innovation Museum, which sees the Korean company detailing innovation throughout the ages. Engadget has toured the five-storey installation in Suwon, and suggests it isn’t as biased towards Samsung as you may imagine.


In fact, the Apple II even makes an appearance, despite the two companies being sworn enemies April Fools Roundup, Apple Attacks Samsung, Mozilla CEO Controversy [Tech News Digest] April Fools, Apple versus Samsung, Mozilla CEO speaks out, Amazon adds Metacritic scores, Zuckerberg takes pay cut, Coursera on Android, and Kaspersky maps the Cyberwar. Read More . Still, wags are using the opportunity to call into question Samsung’s use of the word “innovation,” which isn’t what most people think when it comes to the company’s products.

Amazon Adds Goodreads Integration

Amazon has finally integrated with Goodreads Goodreads Adds Amazon Integration For Adding Purchases To Shelf Goodreads, the popular social service that allows users to share what they are reading with friends, has just made it a lot easier for users to add new purchases from Amazon to their bookshelves. Read More , more than a year after the online retailer acquired the social reading service. The new integration means Goodreads Goodreads Reviewed: A Must-Use Site For Any Book Lover If you enjoy reading, and like to use the Internet for finding great new reads, you may well have heard of Goodreads before: This is a superb website hosting a vibrant community of book lovers,... Read More users can more easily add books to their library that they have purchased on Amazon. Not the most exciting news but perhaps a sign of deeper integration to come.

Han Solo In Carbonite Rug


And finally, the image of Han Solo frozen in carbonite is an iconic one for Star Wars fans everywhere 10 Twitter Accounts All Star Wars Fans Should Follow In October 2012 Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the production company primarily known for the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. For a fraction over $4 billion, Disney therefore landed the Star Wars franchise, and promptly announced... Read More . And now, thanks to a rug officially licensed by Lucasfilm and sold through ThinkGeek, we can all have a Carbonite Han Solo staring back at us from our floors. Which is both awesome and creepy.


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