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Adobe’s Inspiration Engine Could Boost Your Creativity

Dave Parrack 21-10-2019

Adobe has launched a new Alexa Skill it hopes will help boost your creativity. It’s called the Adobe Inspiration Engine, and it delivers inspirational quotes and creative exercises designed to get your creative juices flowing when the tap seems to be stuck.


When Your Creative Juices Stop Flowing…

Creative block can hit the best of us. Whether you’re a writer, an artist, a photographer, or a designer, there are times when your creative juices stop flowing. This can be upsetting, especially if you have no idea when they’ll start flowing again.

There are various techniques to boost your creativity. Whether it’s taking a break, drinking some coffee, or using these creative block-breaking apps 8 Smartphone Apps That Will Instantly Break Your Creative Block These eight terrific smartphone apps will get your creative juices flowing again in no time. Read More . But now you have another option thanks to Adobe’s new Alexa Skill called the Adobe Inspiration Engine.

How to Use the Adobe Inspiration Engine

Adobe unveiled the Adobe Inspiration Engine on The Adobe Blog. The Adobe Inspiration Engine sprang from the company’s desire to “empower people to realize their creative potential”. Its products offer practical solutions, but this could play a supporting role.

The Adobe Inspiration Engine comprises three components: Insightful quotes from creatives such as Jessica Walsh and Pascal Campion, creative exercises voiced by Calob Castellon and Elise Swopes, and a creative quiz to help you understand your own mind.

how to enable and use Adobe Inspiration Engine


To enable the Adobe Inspiration Engine from the Amazon Alexa Skill store, just say, “Alexa, enable the Adobe Inspiration Engine.” Then, when you need to get a hit of inspiration to boost your creativity, say, “Alexa, open the Adobe Inspiration Engine”.

The Adobe Inspiration Engine is available right now for free in the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. You can use it with any Alexa-enabled device, including the Echo Show, or the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet.

The Best Amazon Alexa Skills Worth Using

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