Adobe Acrobat Keyboard Shortcuts [Windows]

Dave LeClair 23-05-2013

This guide is available to download as a free PDF. Download Adobe Acrobat Keyboard Shortcuts [Windows] now. Feel free to copy and share this with your friends and family.

Abobe Acrobat has long been one of the best ways to handle PDF files. It’s a fairly easy to use program, but did you know you can make it easier with the help of keyboard shortcuts?

The list of shortcuts in Acrobat is quite large, and we’ve meticulously tried each one to find the most useful of the lot. The cheat sheat below will help you make the most of Acrobat on Windows.


Please find the contents of the cheat sheet below.

Navigating a PDF

  • Previous screen -> Page Up
  • Next screen ->Page Down
  • First page ->Home
  • Last page ->End
  • Previous page ->Left Arrow
  • Next page ->Right Arrow
  • Previous open document ->Ctrl+F6
  • Next open document ->Shift+Ctrl+F6
  • Scroll up ->Up Arrow
  • Scroll down ->Down Arrow
  • Scroll (when Hand tool is selected) ->Space
  • Zoom in ->Ctrl+=
  • Zoom out ->Ctrl+-

Selecting tools

To enable: Preferences->General, Use Single-Key Accelerators To Access Tools.

  • Hand tool ->H
  • Hand tool (temporarily) ->Space
  • Select tool ->V
  • Marquee Zoom tool ->Z
  • Cycle through zoom tools ->Ctrl+Z
  • Select Object tool ->R
  • Edit Object tool ->O
  • Enter/Exit Forms editing ->A
  • Crop tool ->C
  • Link tool ->L
  • Text Field tool ->F
  • 3D tool ->M
  • Edit Document Text tool ->T
  • Redaction ->Y
  • JavaScript Debugger ->Ctrl+J
  • Insert Blank Pages tool ->Shift+Ctrl+T
  • Insert Files ->Shift+Ctrl+I
  • Delete pages ->Shift+Ctrl+D
  • Open Output Preview ->~
  • Touch Up Reading Order tool ->Shift+Ctrl+U

General navigation

  • Move focus to menus ->F10
  • Move focus to toolbar in browser and application ->Shift+F8
  • Close current document ->Ctrl+F4
  • Move focus to next comment, link, or form field ->Tab
  • Move focus to document pane ->F5
  • Move focus to previous comment, link, or form field ->Shift+Tab
  • Open context menu ->Shift+F10
  • Close context menu ->F10
  • Return to Hand tool or Select tool ->Esc
  • Move focus to next tab in a tabbed dialog box ->Ctrl+Tab
  • Move to previous search result and highlight it ->Shift+F3
  • Move to next search result and highlight it ->F3
  • Search previous document ->Alt+Shift+Left Arrow
  • Search next document ->Alt+Shift+Right Arrow
  • Select text (with Select tool selected) ->Shift+Arrow Key
  • Select next word (with Select tool selected) ->Shift+Ctrl+Right Arrow

You may also download this cheat sheet in PDF format as seen in the image above.


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